Monday, June 27, 2011

Everything I Want To Do In Korea–Updated

Even though I have all but abandoned my blog this month I have been keeping very busy otherwise.  In effort to regroup and reprioritize my remaining 4-5 months (though I will be signing another year contract this Fall) I am posting an updated version of my “Everything I Want To Do In Korea” that was originally posted December 2, 2011.

I’ve definitely kept busy…but there’s a lot more that I want to do still.

1. Learn the language. -I have a private tutor that I meet with twice a week so I think I’m doing fairly well on this one
2. Yoga. -I liked it!  And then I fell out of the habit of doing it when I got sick.
3. Dr Fish-Love it!  Top 10 favorite things about Korea
4. Mountain climbingh.a.r.d.
5. Cherry Blossom Festivals in the SpringBeautiful!

6. Spend a weekend in Busan
7. Spend at least a weekend in Seoul
8. Fully master the different “dongs” (districts) in Daejeon. –While I wouldn’t say that I’ve mastered them, I’ve learned my city pretty well.  I can easily get anywhere I need to go.
9. Go to a K-Pop Concert – I never hear about any concerts that actually exist.  BUT I’m a big fan of K-Pop and I will find one.
10. Study Buddhism
11. To be immediately followed by a Temple Stay somewhere in Korea
12. Read one book a week – Ummm, Right now, I’ve read one book in the last 8 months.
13. Do things I wouldn’t normally do. -In a million little ways…Check!
14. Love your job – that’s easy!
15. Take lots and lots of pictures
16. Pay off debt - In process
17. Blog at least three times a week –Up until June I was doing really well…
18. Eat what the Koreans eat.  Except kimchi. That’s just funky. – Update: I won’t eat silkworms either.  Or animals that begin their journey on my dinner table still gasping for air.  Otherwise, I’ll try anything once.
19. Walk Charles all the time.
20. Pray –this is one of those ongoing things.  You can’t really cross it off the list.
21. Get to a level where I feel comfortable being able to maneuver my way around the country via subway, taxi, train or bus and not having to rely on someone to help me.
22. Travel. Go to festivals, and experience all the things that make this Korea. – I’ve done some traveling and several festivals, but I want to do more so I can’t cross it off yet. (Strawberry, Snow Flower & Cherry Blossom Festivals)
23. Spend free time in coffee shops and not in the apartment – Ummm, oops.
24. Expo Park and the Daejeon Zoo
25. The Theme Parks of South Korea – I’ve gone to Everland and it was AWESOME.  I want to go to more.
26. Forgive. Or at least try really hard.
27. Figure out what happens next Fall when my year contract is over. 

Now, for the additions…

28. Daejeon Professional Soccer Game

29. Korean Baseball Game

30. Ziplining in Daegu

31. Jeju Island

32. Acupuncture – it was pretty fun.  Probably more fun, less zen but a good experience.  And less than $5 to boot!  I’ll be going back.

33.  Mud Fest in Daecheon Beach – this has been rescheduled from July 2011 to 2012

34.  See a Korean movie in the theatre White – a really cool horror film.  It was fantastic!

35. Works towards after Korean teaching plan  (I realize this is very vague. A separate more specific plan exists but is not being posted.)

36. Find a doggie café

37.  Shark Diving in Busan – Awesome.

I’m sure there is more that I just can’t think ok right now.  I’ll update as needed. 


  1. I'm very proud of you for all you've accomplished!

    And for updating the list!

  2. Awesome list! Doesn't it feel amazing to cross so many things off? Oh, if you ever want to go to Expo Park, let me know, and we should all plan a weekend trip to Busan soon. :)

  3. You need to tick off Zip lining!!!