Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SeaBreeze Elementary is Awesome

And has some super rockstar kids!

I mailed a box of Korean goodies to a 3rd grade class in Bradenton, Fl to coincide with a lesson they had on South Korea.  Their teacher is my…aunt?  My uncle’s sister, whatever that makes her to me. These poor kids had to wait through all of FCAT week (the most stressful week for all students in the state of Florida) to be able to open their mystery box from Korea.  You can actually hear some of their angst in these letters. I had sent them Korean movie posters, money, and lots and lots of snacks!  This week I received an envelop of some of the sweetest Thank You cards I have ever been given!  These kids are so smart and so creative!

I wanted to make sure they all got responses to their letters and since June 9th is their last day of school I thought this was the best way to do it. After all, these kids deserve a little international attention!  They are rockstars!

(You can click on any of the pictures below to make it bigger so you can read it better.)




Hi Leilany!

Aren’t Korean Cheetos good???  I don’t know why they don’t sell them in America!  I love the cheesy Cheetos, but you are right.  The Korean Cheetos are so so good!  I’m glad you liked all the snacks so much!  You are very welcome!




Hi Tate!  All of my students love My Chews the best, too! And…they are my favorite candies, too! It’s like a Starburst with the really strong flavor of Jelly Bellys, I think.  They are awesome.  And I love your drawing of the flag.  It’s perfect!



Remy – Your artwork is awesome!  You must love music!  I’m so glad you liked all the snacks and the won!




I bet you are a cool kid, Camden!  L-Drago is awesome! I can’t believe you liked the shrimp chips!  My students love them, too, but I just can’t eat them.  eek! Glad you liked all of it!





That’s an impressive letter, Janessa!  I am so glad you liked everything! I will try my best to answer all your questions.  My Chews are very cheap, they are about 50 cents per pack.  If I could I would send you forty packs. I’m sorry! When you come visit Korea we will go buy My Chews together, ok?  Most Korean families live in apartments instead of houses.  The country is so small that instead of building out and making neighborhoods, the build up and make apartments. 

Here are a few pictures…


(See the McDonald’s?  We have those, too!)

Here are some really pretty flowers I found.

And here is a picture of what a lot of dog owner’s do in Korea!  Crazy, huh?DSCN0373






I can’t attach a recording of Korean BUT I can teach you one word in Korean!

Ann-yong-ha-say-yo!  That means Hello!

I think I answered all your questions!  Great letter!   Smile



Hello Hannah!  Did you know that I love flowers??  Your card is beautiful! We do get all the same movies that you get, but when we got Tangled all the characters spoke in KOREAN!  I couldn’t understand any of it!  Sad smile I’m glad you liked all the presents and I hope you learned a lot from all that research!




Hi Sophia!  I’m so glad that box helped motivate you through FCAT. I know those tests are sooooo hard!  I bet you did great though, I can tell from your letter that you are very smart!  I’m glad you liked all the gifts.  Ms. Speas told me how crazy you guys were when you got the box!  Don’t forget to remind her next year… November 11!  You have to celebrate Pepero Day!




Justice!  First, I love your name!  Second, I’m glad you liked everything so much! Sorry that you had to wait soooooooo long to see what was inside the surprise box from Korea.  It sounds like it was really difficult to wait!                                      





Hi Joshua!  The Korean Won is really cool isn’t it?  We are a peninsula surrounded by water just like Florida.  And yes, we are connected to North Korea.  People talk very, very different in Korea.  I’ve had to learn a new language AND and a new alphabet.  They don’t use the ABC’s over here!  eek!  Here is the Korean alphabet…



Hi Haylee! My class said “Hi!” to you as well!  They loved reading through all of your letters!  I’m glad you liked all the gifts in the box! 










Beyanka-what a cool name!  You are welcome! I’m glad you liked everything!  I think My Chews tastes better than Starbursts, too!  Your card is so colorful!  It’s beautiful!









Hello Roger – I think you must be an artist.  Your card was drawn very well!  I can’t believe Ms Speas made you wait 7 days to open the box!  I swear I didn’t tell her to do that!  Glad you enjoyed everything!  Pepero snacks are yummy, aren’t they?



Hi Parker!  Korean handwriting is much different than ours.  It’s actually really easy to learn though!  Much easier than the ABC’s! I’m sure you’ve already seen the alphabet  I put up with Joshua’s card.  It looks hard, but it’s really very easy to learn! I live in an apartment in a big high rise building. (20 floors!) Korean homes are very different that American homes.  Very different.  I’m sure you learned that in GoodBye 3A2 though.  They are much smaller, and often times, the whole family shares one bedroom and they sleep on the floor!  I can’t imagine that! Korea doesn’t touch any ocean but we are between the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan.  We are closest to the Pacific Ocean though!



Hi Vassor!  You are very welcome!  I’m glad that you liked all the snacks, and movies posters and the money.  Korea is really a cool place!  You should come visit!


DSCN1437Hi Kendra!

I can’t believe so many of you kids liked the shrimp chips??  Those are definitely not my favorite food!  I did know that Seoul is the capital of South Korea!  How did you know that?!?!  I bet you guys did A LOT of research and learned so much about South Korea with Ms Speas!   


Oh, and I love your drawing!  It’s so cute!DSCN1439


I think that’s everyone!  I hope that’s everyone…I’ll feel terrible if I forgot anybody.  All of you guys sound so smart and you are so creative!  I am happy that you liked all the treats and that you were able to learn so much about South Korea in class. I’m also glad that it helped keep you excited during FCAT week!  (FCATs are sooooo hard!)  South Korea is an amazing country!  Don’t ever forget that!  And if you want to come visit, I promise I will be your personal tour guide and show you all the cool stuff around the country! Smile

Oh!  And you like music, right?  Try to get Ms Speas to play this video for you.  It’s my favorite Korean pop song! Be sure to get up and dance!  My kids beg me to play this song ALL.THE.TIME!

Have a great summer break!  ~Amy


  1. I love the letters and your responses!

    That video is fun.

  2. Love it!!!! And the video reminds me of my favorite commercial out there. Did you ever find it online????

  3. I love this! Really great, and very nice of you!

  4. Awesome idea Amy!! Talk about experiencing a tangible bit of Korean culture! These kids will not forget, I'm sure! Too cool.