Thursday, February 3, 2011

Korean Food - In Pictures

I’ve been really bad about posting pictures lately. My apologies.  Here is a photo blog dedicated to Korean food.  Well, my three months of experience with Korean food anyway.   This is by no means a comprehensive list, it is just the stuff that I eat.  And don’t eat.

Most popular and most important…


Korean BBQ - Yum.  (Not my picture.)



Bulgogi Dupbap - Bulgogi (grilled meat) with rice on top

Generally if the word bulgogi is in the name of the dish, you are going to enjoy it.



Chamchi Kimbap (Tuna)  YUM! the best in the kimbap family by far.(Not my picture)



Bibimbap - Rice, veggies, a bit of meat, red pepper paste, and an egg.  Shockingly delicious.



Jjajangmyeon - hand made wheat noodles in a dark soybean sauce, with veggies and ham.  I get this for take out after work probably twice a week.  Not a life altering food, but good.  Consistent and filling. (not my picture)



The best hamburger in all of Daejeon.  It has sweet potatoes and egg plant on it along with cheese, onions, peppers, and a sweet bbq sauce.  So it’s not Korean… But it’s in Korea.


When you enter a restaurant with a menu like this, HPIM0583

the best thing you can do is say “not spicy”…


Then you might end up with a delicious beef stock soup such as this.  Soup always comes with rice and the traditional side dishes that accompany all Korean meals.


Hopefully you won’t ever end up with this…


Silkworm larvae.  Barf.

“Beondegi” are steamed or boiled silkworm pupae and are seasoned and eaten as a snack. - wikipedia (I just threw up in my mouth.)


You will always have this on your table…


Kimchi. The devil’s food. It’s gross. Fermented (read: rotten) cabbage and red pepper flakes.  Koreans eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They will lie and tell you that white kimchi is better because there is no red pepper.  It’s NOT true. Trust me.



Korea has the best sushi I’ve ever had. (Not that my opinion is in anyway valid on the topic of sushi.)  But the next time I go to the sushi restaurant down the street (and actually remember my camera) there will be a whole blog dedicated to the yumminess that it is. 



Sweet Potato Mousse Pizza - AMAZING (always with a side of pickles!)


Sweet Potato Mousse Cake - FAIL.  No bueno.


This is only listed because I can actually read the Korean now. 

ChE-Ken-Nuh-Get. haha.

That’s all!  Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. I have a firm No Spam policy. Meat (other than tuna) should not come out of a can. It's not natural.

  2. Is there a lot of crab/shellfish in Soko? I'm allergic to shellfish. :/

  3. There is a lot of shellfish here, but you can probably avoid it pretty easily. I actually love shellfish but I don't eat very much of it because their version of "seafood" is VERY different than our version.