Monday, April 30, 2012

Strawberry Festival Part Deux

and a Cloud Bridge.

About two days before the actual event, I decided to go the Strawberry Festival again this year.  Last year’s festival left quite a bit to be desired but a friend that I met over a year ago, wanted to come down for it and I definitely wanted to see her again.  This time we went with an organized group and we visited an Organic Strawberry Farm.  This made the festival, by far. 


For 10,000 won (about $9) we’re were able to graze here as long as we liked.  We weren’t able to take any strawberries out of the greenhouse but we could walk through and eat as many deliciously wonderful strawberries as we wanted to.  Because it was an organic farm there are not pesticides or anything unnecessary used in the process so we could eat them right off the plants.  As my dad would say, they were “DE-lightful.” 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Catching up….

I’ve been a terrible blogger so here is my attempt to catch everything up… I plan to write blogs for most of these in the very near future.

New Furniture

I got new furniture for my apartment right after I got home from my trip to America.  By *got new furniture* I mean that it was the product of a dumpster dive.  That’s how things are done around here.  I upgraded to a black leather (pleather) couch and chair. The pleather peels a bit but it’s pretty, I think.  Definite upgrade.


Steak Day – Korea Steak Day Part Deux, February 14, 2012

Steak Night

Monday, April 9, 2012

Corn Ice Cream

Is amazing. Period.

Once upon a time ago, I read a list of 100 things you have to do while in Korea.  Many of the ideas were mountains to hike, museums to visit, foods to try, places to go, and silly things like eating birthday cake with chopsticks.  Yes, I’ve done that one, too.  One quirky little idea that caught my eye was corn ice cream.  Interesting, I thought.  And I’ve since spent the last year searching for this, pestering my students about how to find this, and having absolutely no luck whatsoever. Until yesterday.

A friend and I had had a deliciously yummy lunch that left my mouth on fire. In support of my sanity we decided to stop for ice cream. We visited a tiny convenience store by my house and when we opened the ice cream freezer it was stocked with (***wait for it***) CORN ice cream. 


Schedule Changes

Every three months Korean middle school students have testing periods similar to the FCAT, MMATs, and every other state mandated test in America.  The paralysis that plagues most all Florida students grade 3 through High School once a year afflict Korean students four (4!!!) times a year. 

During this time they take intensive classes with the Korean teachers at my hagwon (private academy) and I get a month long reprieve from my middle schoolers.  Which is sad actually because I love my middle school.  It’s the elementary students that make me nervous.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Things That Make My Day

Volume 1:    Email from a past student who has moved to America.

Hello, Amy teacher!!

I'm Lucia ;) Do you remember me? I was your student in writing class. Right?
Here's news! I arrived here and I go to school here! My level test was good! I think because of you!! You were my best English teacher ;)
I miss you so much!

Bye and please keep in touch:)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Kid in a Cone


I love my dog.  That’s an understatement actually.  Over the years  Charles has become my life, my love, my reason for everything I do.  I realize that sounds over-dramatic to those of you that don’t really know me or my animal, but if you do know us then you know it’s not dramatic at all.  In the world of dogs, Charles is one of a kind.

And now he’s in a cone.