Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Letters From Students

Three students left our hagwon today.  Three of my favorite students.  I’m super sad about it. Being that this is Korea and we have school 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, I don’t really ever deal with elaborate goodbyes or end of year sadnesses.  Most students just sneak out the door on their last day and don’t come back. Today was different. It was sad.  I did get a couple really sweet goodbye letters and a really sappy goodbye from an eleven year old boy though.  But for being Halloween, it’s been a really emotional day.

Both these girls are finishing up 8th grade. They are best friends and would come hang out with me often in between classes. Letter one is from a student name Kate.  She is smart but she was impossible to get to speak in class. All she does is giggle. She also works daily as the English/Korean translator for the author of the second letter.  (Click the pictures to make them larger.)

Letter Kate

Favorite line: “I think it’s a matter for regret.”

And letter two from one of my sweetest, Tina.  She’s not the most conscientious student, but she loves to laugh and is extremely gregarious. I worked really hard with this girl.  And in appreciation, she taught me K-pop songs! I asked who was going to teach me K-pop now and you could see tears well up in her eyes.  *such a sad day.*

Letter Tina

Oh, tears.  I’m keeping these letters forever.

And because it is Halloween….

Halloween Andrew 2012

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  1. Great letters. Though the letters are not written by skilled learners, both of two letters show their emotion, love and feeling for AMY. It is really big achievement for AMY. Thanks.

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