Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile

Do you think animals can think like humans?

Animals can think because of three reasons.  First, animals are playful, thus they know how to share.  Second, animals love to move. Hence, animals leave their herd.  Lastly, animals think because they have brains.  They move because they can think.  Animals think because animals move and know camaraderie.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The DMZ Part Dos

Sorry for the delay, (and lack of posting in general) I’ve been grumpy and homesick.

Anyway, on to Part Dos.  We had two stops left on our tour.

Tongilchon - Otherwise known as “Unification Village” is one of only two villages within the DMZ.  It has a population of only 200, and is known for rice, soybeans and ginseng.  All Korean men are expected to serve two years in the military, however the men within this village are exempt.  For obvious reason, I believe.  This is where we stopped to have lunch (as mentioned in the the first blog) and I was able to get a few good pictures of the town from the bus so you could see what it was like.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Crossed The Border

Not really, that would be suicide. Worse than suicide, actually. I’m not built for hard labor and goodness knows I don’t have any political hook-ups like Bill Clinton to fight for my release. However, while few civilians, Korean or otherwise, are allowed within the DMZ, we were able to take a walk about 75 meters deep underground right up to the border.  And at the risk of sounding completely lame…it was cool.  One of those “oh my God, I’m living a huge part of history right now” moments. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I’ve Been Blackmailed

It’s been a rough week.  Homesickness isn’t really something I experience too often, but this week it hit really hard.  I like my job so very much and I’ve made some wonderful friends here, but this week I just craved familiarity.  I miss my Florida life and my friends.  I miss being able to just wake up and walk Charlie in my pj’s without brushing my hair or putting on makeup.  I miss not having to pooper scoop. I miss Netflix.  I miss being able to jump in my car and drive somewhere, anywhere. Although I don’t miss the car payment, insurance, gas and tolls.  I miss being able to call my parents or my sisters just to check in and say hi.  I miss my baby nephew that is only 7 weeks old and I haven’t even met yet!  I miss so many things.

Today I had a fantastic day at work though. That helped a lot. I laughed from start to finish.

Monday, March 7, 2011

“Korean Lessons” & Sushi

So I dropped out of Korean class. A few weeks ago.  It just wasn’t really working for me.  The class was structured for people who want to learn the Korean language in all it’s entirety.  I want to learn survival Korean.  How to get from here to there.  How to order is restaurants.  How to count to ten.

A small group of us have decided to continue to have our own study group on Saturdays.  Needless to say, the studying thus far has been, well, less than productive.

This week we had sushi and cupcakes.


Charlie Sheen vs Kim Seong-min

I feel a need to write about this…

I’m a huge Charlie Sheen fan. Well, no, I’m a HUGE Two and a Half Men fan.  And while I love the indulgence of celebrity gossip, I also believe in “live and let live.”  His life choices in no way interfere with how I live my life so they are none of my concern nor my place to pass judgment. Until now.  Because his recent antics have brought on the temporary, and likely permanent cancellation of my favorite show, I now have a few things to say about it. 

Since everyone reading this is likely familiar with his current drama, let me introduce you to his Korean counterpart. Sort of.