Friday, July 27, 2012

The Choices We Make

With every choice we make in life comes a certain number of sacrifices.  Sometimes we are giving up very little and the decision is very easy. But, sometimes we are giving up a lot and it makes those decisions so much more difficult. Sometimes, to get your own life in order, you have to be willing to give up (or postpone) other things that may be of nearly equal importance.  Ideally, a good decision is about making the best possible choices with the information provided to you at that moment. Now, I’ve made an awful lot of bad choices in my twenties (you’re lying if you say you haven’t) but as they say… Sometimes the bad decisions make the best memories.  And I agree. I have the best memories.

Editor’s Note: This blog is not intended to be a rant, more just observations about living in another country.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Rainy Morning

I wake up a few minutes after 8 to the less than soothing sounds of my asthmatic poodle. I hate 8 am. I always have. In my sleepy stupor I decide that this is the day I’m going to go pick up my new alien registration card.  After all, it has been ready for two weeks.  I spend a few minutes checking email and then I start to get ready.  I still hate 8 am.

When I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth the poodle joins me.  He’s been here long enough that he’s learned my routines and the last few weeks he’s been resorting to emotional blackmail every time I get ready to leave.  He begs to be picked up, buries his head in my neck and breaths heavily.  He’s like a congested, grief stricken toddler.  He has not yet learned that I am immune to puppy blackmail.  I carry him around as I finish getting ready and slide into my flip flops. Then I leave him at the door.  He’ll be fine.

In the elevator, I am greeted by a Korean man. He asks if I am going to work.  I say, no, just running a few quick errands.  He understands and asks why I don’t have an umbrella, after all, it is raining outside.  Darn it.  In an effort to conserve energy I have been keeping my curtains closed.  I fail daily in remembering that we have entered Korea’s rainy season.  “Is it raining hard,” I ask.  “No, just a sprinkle,. But you know rain, it can pick up at any time.  Are you going to the grocery store?”  He is unaware of the absurdity of asking me that question…  “No, I’m going to the Immigration Office.” Our conversation continues until we hit the first floor and we decide I should take a taxi because of the rain.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Paragliding in Yangpyeong, June 23rd

My friend Lily recently moved back to America and for her goodbye extravaganza she wanted to try paragliding.  I jumped on this idea immediately. I went hang-gliding when I lived in Orlando so I was eager to add this to my list as well. We used a company called ParaLove Paragliding School and you can access their website here. (It’s all in Korean.)  You can also email Jay-J, the owner, as he speaks excellent English and will help you set up an experience.

On June 23rd, Lily, Becki and I spent a Saturday morning traveling up to Asin station which was nearly two hours west of Seoul. Once we got to Asin station, Jay-J sent one of his employees to come pick us up.  In a mustang.


Monday, July 2, 2012

My Favorite Essays

Their essay topic was to describe one of their close friends.

My friend Amy is particularly funny. She can speak “아니요”, “안녕하세요”, and other Korean words. She also sings Korean songs.  She has two beautiful blue eyes. She has wonderful gold hair. My friend Amy is particularly funny because she can speak Korea, has blue eyes, and has gold hair. She also sings Korean songs.


My friend Amy is particularly funny. First, she can speak Korean like “아니요” and “안녕하세요”. Moreover, she reads Korean but can’t speak it very well.  Second, she has golden hair and is tall.  She is tall and has a small face.  Third, she can sing a Korean song well. She often sings Bad Girl good Girl with male students.