About Amy Kate

101 Facts about Amy Kate

1. I have the world’s best wiener dog.  He is my love.
2. I sleep a lot.  Like, probably too much.
3. I believe in a higher power. 
4. I pray.  Though probably not as much as I should.
5. I am silly.
6. I am sarcastic.
7. I am sincere.
8. I love to love.
9. I am loud.
10. I make it a habit to not do things that I will need to apologize for later.
11. When I do apologize, it’s usually to pacify your needs and quell the drama that you bring into my life.
12. When I read Eat Pray Love, I felt like I was reading my own story.  Cover to cover, word for word.
13. Several people actually called to tell me that when reading it they thought the same thing.  That was reassuring.
14. I am a Cancer by definition, but as I have gotten older I have developed very strong Leo tendencies. 
15. I am the poster child for youngest child syndrome. 
16. I’m told I bloom in the face of adversity.  That’s my biggest strength I think.
17. I like my men in glasses. And I will not date you if you own a sports jersey.  The second one is a pretty firm rule.
18. I’m confident, bordering on arrogant. I like who I am.
19. I’m introverted but I love being the center of attention.
20. A good wine is completely wasted on me.
21. I'm an interrupter. Sorry.
22. I speak fluent sarcasm.
23. I like being alone.
24. I don’t believe in regret.  Mistakes are only mistakes if you don’t learn them. 
25. I’m funny, but completely on accident.
26. Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman will always be my favorite movies. And Breakfast Club.
27. I’m not into Harry Potter or Star Wars, but I respect people who are. Everybody needs a passion.  I will probably make fun of you for Twilight though.
28. I am the girl that signs birthday and Christmas cards from herself AND her dog.  I have no shame in that. Charles and I are a package deal.  2 for the price of 1.
29.  I think the world is a better place because of Phil Collins.  And cheese.  Cheese makes everything better.
30. I like reading books about people that have experienced drug, sexual, or mental issues.  I think I should have studied psychology.
31. I actually wanted to study psychology, but I never thought I was smart enough.
32. I can say all 50 states in alphabetical order.  Just in case it ever comes up.
33. I can also sing the alphabet backwards.  Again, just in case.
34. Seeing injustice makes me angry.
35. I have absolutely no interest in bearing children.  I’m step-mom material.
36. I also want to adopt one day.  A girl around 7 or 8 years old. From America.
37. I use the search bar on Google as my spellcheck.
38. I believe the beauty of a person has nothing to do with the clothes they wear, a number on a scale, or the money in their bank account.
39. I’m fearless.
40. I’m also very cynical. 
41. I have a hard time not speaking my mind.
42. I look forward to turning 30. 
43. I’m trying to remove the words dude, blows, and crap from my vocabulary before I turn 30.  It’s not working.
44. I want to be somebody’s princess. 
45. I have zero artistic ability.  I admire creative people.
46. I love to be outside, but I usually have to be motivated by someone else to get out and do stuff.
47. I will break down in tears and get physically sick if you try to make me wear a hat.  It’s a really deep issue but I don’t really know where it stems from.
48. Buying things makes me happy.  It’s in my DNA.
49. I’m broken.
50. But I don't have walls.  I have a 17 story stone castle.  And a moat.  With alligators.
51. I don’t believe in soul mates.
52. But I still want to believe in love.
53. I prefer tea or hot chocolate over coffee every day of the week.
54. Music makes me happy.  Any and all kinds. 
55. I have self-diagnosed ADD.  It's getting worse as I get older.
56. I’m not really sure where my home is right now.  Missouri is my family, but Florida is my life.  And Chicago still holds a lot of my friends. 
57. It bothers me that I don’t know where I will move to when I leave Korea.  I don’t have a home to return to.
58. I have relationships with my food.  Real food (not McDonald's) can take you to a very happy place.
59. I have the great talent of always being able to order the yummiest food at any restaurant.  It won't be the healthiest, and it won't be the spiciest, but no matter how good your meal might be - you will wish you ordered what I ordered.  I promise.
60. I’m lazy by nature.  I’m a list person.  If I don’t write it down, it won’t get done.
61. I don’t go to high school reunions.  I have better things to do.  Like take a nap or give the dog a bath.
62. I have an affinity for Two And A Half Men. But I'm hesitant because of the Ashton Kutcher addition.
63. Meg is my favorite Disney character.  She has amazing strength but loses herself in love.
64. I chase butterflies. 
65. I love to laugh.  Even if my laugh is a bit obnoxious.
66. If I didn’t inherit a significant amount of personality and physical traits from my father, I would swear I was adopted.
67. I don’t  believe that money can buy happiness.  However, money does give you the opportunity to pursue the things that make you happy.
69. Curvy girls have more fun.
70. So do blondes.
71. I’m both.
72. I think I should be married by the time I’m 35.  Not because I think that is a good marrying age, more because I figure the perfect weiner dog has another good six years in him.  Someone is going to have to be there to catch me when that fall happens.  It will be catastrophic.  (I actually think of this often and frightens me more than I can put into words.)
73. I should also mention that I don’t believe in marriage.  But I still kinda want it.
74. I think anyone who wants to get married should have the right and privilege to do so.  If you are lucky enough to find someone that you love and that loves you in return, you should be able to celebrate that.
75. Plus, I think it’s awfully difficult to argue the sanctity of something that has a less than 50% success rate.
76. I love my family.  I wish we were all closer though.  Emotionally, not geographically.  I like how we have all found our own homes and created our own lives.
77. I’m smart. But lazy.
78. I love flowers. I’m a sucker for flowers.
79. I’m honest, albeit a bit too honest sometimes.
80. I'm the friend you come to when you want logic, honesty, and a realistic perspective.  I'm not the friend you come to when you want to be sugar coated and patronized.  And in return, I expect the same straight forward honesty from my friends.  Don't sugar coat me. It will only make me not trust you.
81. I got the nickname Amy Kate from one of my leaders at Disney.  I wish someone had thought of it when I was a child.
82. In love I fall hard and I love unconditionally. 
83. But I am very unforgiving when betrayed.
84. That’s bad, I know.
85. I eat entirely too much pizza. 
86. I’m scared of eggplant.  I think it's because the first time I saw it I thought it was a turtle that my dog had killed and deshelled.  Those kind of memories stick with you.
87. I have an incredibly high tolerance to pain, but I can’t tweeze my own eyebrows.
88. And I’ve been dying my hair since I was 11. 
89. I don’t necessarily believe that religion should be taught in schools, but I think tolerance should be. 
90. I think tolerance and respect are two of the most important qualities anyone can possess.
91. To be immediately followed by a good sense of humor and a kind heart. 
92. I’ve written a letter to a child from Santa. 
93. I felt a bit guilty doing it, but the light she radiated when she read it made me so grateful that I did.
94. The innocence of a child makes me smile.
95. I think a cruise is potentially the best vacation in the world.  It fits my lazy lifestyle very well.
96. I think I have the smartest dog in the world. 
97. We spend too much time together maybe but, right now, it’s good for both of us.
98. Our vet agrees.
99. I’ve been working really hard for the past year on being on-time.  I’ve actually gotten much better.
100. My socks rarely match.
101. I never thought anyone would read my blog.