Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ojeong Market


I’ve recently decided that it was time to try out this whole adult grocery shopping concept.  Personally, I’m the girl that will drop $200 on an impromptu visit to the grocery store but then forget I did it and not open my refrigerator for the next month.  Once I finally do, everything has gone bad.  That’s gross and an awful lot of wasted cash. 

Lately, many people have been talking about a market in Daejeon that is about 1/4 the price of super market goods.  And a fun time to boot!  The last few weekends a small group of us have been going on Saturday morning to collect our produce for the upcoming week. Now, to be fair, this is one of many open markets in the city. After a few accidental run-ins with identifiable, though dead, pigs, cows, fish, chickens, and more, I decided that the Asian market concept really wasn’t for me.  My heart can’t handle the little empty eyes staring back at me.  Many times the animals (fish and otherwise) are still alive when you are choosing what you want for dinner that night. I’m not built for that.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

Pop Culture Edition.

First, I love this commercial.  Love.  Korean advertising normally confuses me ever so slightly (probably because I can’t understand what they are saying) but this one is very straight forward.  And even though it’s for a diet company, who hasn’t felt like this?

I call him “fat baby” and I think he’s absolutely adorable! 


The second one is a new pop song that is making it’s rounds around the world. It’s called “Gangnum Style”, referencing an upscale suburb of Seoul, and sung by a gentleman named Psy.  CNN and other major news outlets have been covering it because of it’s widespread popularity. 

You can’t not love the “horse riding dance.”  Or maybe you can. I don’t know.  But, my students sing this all the time even though I think the lyrics might be a little PG-13.  Note: This is what ‘sexy’ means in Korea.  Everyone is fully clothed and no dirty dancing!  It’s such a nice change of pace.