Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One Thing Is Certain…

I am NEVER going to be fully ready to leave this country.  Ever.

As the last two months have been consumed with teaching applications, lesson planning, interview preparations, studying for teaching exams, and future planning, I actually had thought that I was absolutely 100% ready to close this chapter and begin the next.  I was wrong.  I hate it when that happens.

This evening, as with all evenings of the past year and a half, I stopped by my favorite restaurant to pick up dinner for my boys.  I walked in and sat with my friend, the owner, and we had coffee and chatted about our day.  Both of us have very limited grasp of the other’s language, but we always enjoy one another’s company. He is soon planning to take a month vacation backpacking in another country.  That’s cool, I tell him.  He asked me to run one morning by the river with him.  It’s cold out there.  and snowy.  and ice covered everything.  Fat chance of that happening. But I appreciated the offer.