Friday, June 17, 2011

Eight Month Anniversary

That happened really fast. I’ve inadvertently skipped over all the previous anniversaries (and I’ve been really bad about blogging lately) so I thought I needed to write something to commemorate this one. 

First off, Korea rocks.  It’s just a really pleasant place to live, at least from a foreigner perspective.  It’s probably a lot like the experience of those that travel to America for education/internships/etc.  We get to enjoy all the wonderful things that the country has to offer without getting bogged down by all the drama and politics of daily life at home.  Korea is a Happy Bubble. And I really like my Happy Bubble.

Being in Korea has given me the opportunity to just step outside of the box for a little bit.  I’ve been able to get (kimchi scented) fresh air and just break away from the drama.  I’ve made some amazing friends in the last few months.  People that I truly feel were all brought into my life, and me into theirs, for very specific reasons at this incredibly unique period of our lives.  We all came here searching for something and I think we’ve found little pieces of it in each other.

But most importantly, Korea has given me the ability to spend the last eight months with myself.  That’s an amazing gift all on it’s own. 

My Happy Bubble has taken a few minor hits recently.  My fantastic co-teacher moved to another school and my hagwon (private academy) has decided not to replace her.  That means that now I am the only foreigner at my school amongst 20+ Korean teachers.  It’s funny now that teachers who haven’t spoken to me in my eight months are now stopping by my classroom to see how I’m doing without my friend.  I’m sad, I say.  I  miss my friend.

I also have spent a lot of time thinking about teaching when I return.  Is this really what I want to do?  I think it is.  I think I would enjoy it even more at home than I do here.  Here it’s easy.  Other than a few punk kids there isn’t much drama.  But it’s also kind of boring.  At home I would be teaching a subject I have always loved (Math) to an age group that I am far more comfortable with (Middle School) to students who speak my same language.  That part of it would be far more enjoyable for me than teaching English (which I’ve never been all that good at) to elementary/middle schoolers (eek! elementary) who don’t speak my language (that’s hard for me).  But I still really enjoy teaching here.  It’s like tip-toe-ing into real teaching. 

Right now my plan is to come home in October or November for an extended vacation (I have a lot of people and places to visit) and then come back January (ish) and complete another year contract.  After that I will likely return home.  Wherever that is…

Miss you all.  See you in a few months!

Amy Kate


  1. I am so happy that you love it, but I knew you would!!!! :) And, I could see why from my time out there with you! You will make a great teacher when you come home!

    I can't believe it's been 8 months already, I still remember the day you got there!

    Sooooo, is it too early to start planning your "Chicago Welcome's Amy Back to the States" party????

  2. When you get back to Korea we will have another "Korea welcomes back Amy party!"