Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time three students lived in a small country.  In their academy an angel lived.  The angel defended the students against the devil.  Amy angel fought evil Kupa and students Jerry and Amy were very sad.  One day a knight with his sword arrived at this academy.  The sworded knight’s name is Daniel.  He attacked the devil Kupa.  Kupa died.  So now this academy is peaceful and so happy.

This was the edited for content version. Below is the orginal…


This is what happens when I give my students free time to write a story. Daniel is the Head Teacher on our floor and kicks butt in my classroom when I need him to. Many of the students also think I’m dating him (I’m not.) but that explains him being my knight in shining armor. Kupa is an interesting child that is endearing himself to me a little more each class.  Sometimes he’s very, very good.  Sometimes…not.  But apparently the name Kupa comes from the dragon/turtle villain from Super Mario Bros. I appreciate the name a lot more now that I know that.

And here’s another picture of me. She worked really hard to match the colors I was wearing that day.  I’m beautiful.


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