Friday, June 17, 2011

The Cat Cafe

I truly believe that a large part of my (yet to be discovered) purpose on this planet has to do with animals and while I love all animals…cats and I just have a mutual understanding with each other.  Plainly put, I am not a cat person.  At all. However, I have very good friends here that are cat people to the same extent of which I am a dog person.  For that reason alone, I willingly spent about an hour inside a cat café.  And Garfield walked us there.


For those that don’t know what a cat café is- it is a café (coffees and teas available for purchase) with twenty or so cats roaming the room looking for new friends.  You pay a small entrance fee (likely to help pay for their food and litter) and your first beverage is on the house.


That made me smile.  A lot.

Lee Ann and Kate had an awesome time playing with the cats.  And I had a lovely time making up silly cat dialogue in my head. 

For all you cat people out there I will include a lot of pictures.


You aren’t allowed to pick up the cats. Apparently they will protest.


How to read the cat tail.


This café was located in Myeong-Dong, in Seoul and Kate located it while Lee Ann and I were shopping. I’m 100% not a cat person (as previously discussed) but I was very impressed with this café.  When you imagine a cat café you probably don’t envision a very clean place.  However, it was spotless.  It was a large room with wood floors and all wood furniture and I didn’t see a single strand of cat fur the whole time I was there.  There was no litter box odor, nothing.  It actually smelled good.  It was so clean! While I can’t promise that I’ll ever go back, I am now that much more encouraged to locate the local doggie cafes as well!  It was pretty cool.


  1. I'm glad you went with us, and it was a great experience. We must find some doggie cafes, though. :)

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