Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Swimming with the Sharks

Video first…then details.

(Thank you, Nadia, for the awesome video!!!)

This past weekend we went to Busan to go sharking diving.  It’s an all day experience because they provide you training and aquarium admission as well. It was only 110,000 won, which is roughly $100.  Personally, I think that’s quite a deal given that swimming with the dolphins at Sea World starts at $399.  There were several sharks on the tank including one that was in desperate need of an orthodontist.  It was super (super) cool.  Here is the website for anyone interested in planning their own shark dive.

Here are some more pictures.  Thanks to Nadia, Lee Ann, and Trisha for letting me steal their pictures. 


Jessica and me.  Getting excited before the dive!


Mark, Trisha, me, and Jessica in the lock and ready to go!


This one needs an orthodontist.  His overbite caused him to look like his was growling all the time.  But sharks don’t growl.  Everybody knows that.



Underwater group picture


I had a bit of trouble breathing so our instructor was checking in.


It’s like walking on the moon…only harder.




Who doesn’t love sting rays?  They have built in smiley faces!



These guys are actually scarier than the sharks.  Groupers.  They will try to eat your arm off.  Eek!  And they were almost as big as the sharks and built like a tank.


  1. $400 to swim with the dolphins at Sea World??? Chincha??? Wow.

  2. Love it!!!! But you would still never catch me going under. I also loved the captions on the video!

    I bet everyone that came to the aquarium that day had a ball watching you guys!

  3. That is probably the most awesome thing I have ever seen. I HAVE to talk myself into doing it when Elizabeth and Joseph get here. !!!!!!

  4. That looks like such a good time.

    They say that no one looks good in a wetsuit, but I think you pulled it off.

  5. That was very interesting! I put it up on..

  6. • I enjoyed your guest post at Aha-now and this is spectacular. I love the sharks concept even though I have never seen sharks as friendly.
    Love the bloggers that you have mentioned even though some bloggers are new to me. Thanks for sharing.