Monday, December 20, 2010

I Shaved My Legs For This

All the ladies, and a lot of men, know the gross razor part of a pedicure. While removing dead skin is an important hygiene issue, it’s still gross.  SoKo has outdone the nasty-ness but in such a cool way.  Fish.

It’s called Dr. Fish and it’s quite the trend around Asia.  You have calluses on your feet?  Too much dry or dead skin?  No worries, the fish will take care of it for you.  20101218_141549

They are called Chinchin fish and they have an affinity for dead skin. Yum.  At first it’s pretty intense and tickles beyond anything you can imagine, but after about 15 minutes it’s starts to feel kind of normal.  It only costs 3,000 won and we had unlimited time there.  I’m not sure if they don’t have time limits or if it was because no one else was waiting, but after we left we realized we had been there for over an hour.  And my feet are so soft.  I’m a believer in the fish.

Here’s a video… I don’t think really much else can be said.  Once you get past the weirdness, it’s awesome.  We’re making this a regular girl date.

We also made a little friend while were there. She kept coming over to hang out with us.

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