Sunday, December 5, 2010

Exploring in the Eastern Hemisphere

Rule #1 - if all the Koreans get off the bus, you probably should too.

Yesterday Marisol and I set out on an adventure.  We knew our destination and I vaguely knew how to get there. You can get there by bus, by subway, or by taxi.  Because I had first seen this “attraction” while taking the bus we felt it safest to repeat our steps. (My destination has to remain a secret because it was for a Christmas present, sorry.)

Since neither one of us has much experience with public transportation, Marisol chose to follow my direction since this little excursion was really for me anyway.  That was a bad idea. We took a taxi to Lotte Department Store to catch the bus.  With what little I knew about public transportation, I did know that buses run the same circle all day long.  What I didn’t know is that the “circle” is really a line, and that yes, it does matter which direction the bus is going when you get on it. That’s how we ended up here…


A bus parking lot.

We were a bit concerned when everyone else got off the bus at Daejeon station but we really didn’t think much of it.  Apparently the Koreans knew something that we didn’t. My personal thanks to all 182 Koreans that were crammed like sardines onto this bus with us. Mucho appreciation for your effort to help.

After a few very confusing conversations with the bus drivers we realized we were still at Daejeon Station, just in the back. We’ve both been here so we were able to figure out our surroundings fairly quickly.  We found the bus stop, waited patiently with some yummy fish bread, and again boarded bus 107 when it finally arrived.   Two and a half hours after we first grabbed the cab to Lotte we arrived at our destination.  And it was glorious.  Coolest Christmas present ever.

After that, we took the bus to the subway to exit 105, Jungangno.  Here lies the underground shopping mecca for Daejeon. It’s awesome. And cheap.


We did a bit of shopping and then hunger took over. Back to Dunsan for dinner at KFC followed by dessert and coffee at Café Pascucci.   It was a stellar day. And highly educational in the area of public transportation.

Agenda for next weekend- hardcore Christmas shopping. And a haircut.

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