Saturday, December 18, 2010

Two Months Down…

snowy dayHas it really been two months already?  That’s seems unbelievable but it’s what the calendar says so I must be true.  I honestly forget on a daily basis that I am living in South Korea.  That’s how normal it is here.  It feels more like Christmas this year than it has for me the last 7 years in Orlando.  The lights decorating store windows, the music playing in  the coffee shops, the snow… It’s Christmas time in SoKo.

On a side note, I think I’m losing my marbles.  Maybe it’s all the snow and Christmas music. Maybe it’s because my class schedule had a complete overhaul this week and my students have been bouncing off the walls. Maybe it’s starting to occur to me just how fast a year abroad can really fly by.  Or maybe just too many English Breakfast tea lattes.  I’m way above my average coffee intake.  Whatever the cause, a few of my classes have come this week expecting me to deliver on promises that I have absolutely no memory of making. 

“Teacher you promised us an hour free time this week.” Why would I promise that?  You must be on the Soju. “Teacher, last week you promised us free time!  No study today!” I can blow that off as a student trying to see what he can get away with but he was furious when I refused to give them free time.  I was breaking this most important promise and he was not going down without a fight. 

Then came this one…

“Teacher you promised us a Christmas Party next week.” When did we talk about Christmas parties?  We talked about schedules, and time conflicts, and how to politely reschedule with someone.  No one talked about Christmas parties. We didn’t even talk about Christmas.

“No teacher, you promised.  You are bringing pizza.  I am bringing cake. Jack is bringing sushi.  You promised we could watch movies!”  When did this happen?  “Teacher, room five hundred and three, last Friday! you promised us Christmas party!”  Certainly I didn’t do that.  Did I?

I’m starting to doubt myself at this point.  All the kids were in agreement and that’s far too much detail to utilize the lost-in-translation excuse.  I can’t imagine I would have that entire conversation and not remember any part of it.  All five children were certain I was lying to them and they were not backing down either.  Now I feel bad. Truthfully I have not brought up Christmas in any of my classes because it’s not a huge thing here. But now I have to plan a Christmas something for next Friday.  Apparently I promised.

I also changed classrooms this week and I like my new room.  Andrea and I are neighbors now so that’s spectacular.  We were on opposite sides of the building but it seems as though they’ve quarantined the foreigners together.  I’m alright with that.

Here’s my new classroom.  Fairly similar to the last but prettier.


That seems more appropriate for my Missouri blood.


I love my tv.  We’ve been playing youtube videos.  So much fun.


It was someone’s bright idea to put the loud girl in the only room with a glass wall. Eh. 

It’s been exceptionally cold and snowing pretty regularly.  Global warming aside, I think the whole world is a little colder than it usually is this time of year so I won’t complain. Scarves by the way, are the cure all to cold weather.  I wish I had known that as a child. And a college student. I’m collecting pretty scarves in Korea.  I love them. And my Ugg boots.  Heaven.

Charles is fairly indifferent to the actual snow, but his poor little feet freeze. He shivers and shakes the whole walk. 

HPIM0488A potty pad isn’t looking like such bad idea now is it, my obstinate little wiener dog?


I love doggy feet.


  1. I can't believe it has been two months!!! How time flies! Hope you are enjoying the snow.

  2. Poor Charlie...i am going to go buy him a sweater today!