Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Someone Loves Me…

I’m just not sure who.  Someone is also playing a prank on me.  I’m sure of it. 

Even though my classroom is “my classroom” other people use it while I’m not there.  I don’t care, it’s not about that.  The Korean teachers work much longer days than us foreigners do and my classroom has a projector and screen while most others don’t.

Here’s the thing… Everyday when I get to work something is changed in my room.  At first I thought I was making it up but it’s literally everyday.  They are subtle changes but changes nonetheless.  My podium will be moved, desks rearranged, trash can in a notably different place, new markers for my chalkboard…little things. Everyday for almost two months now. Then I got this…


“I love you” in German. Who speaks German here? These children can barely speak English. I don’t in anyway think this was an actual sentiment directed at me, but it did make me laugh.  And it was written in my notebook.  3 times. 

Then two little girls came in and took over my board.


The conversation that followed:

Student 1 -  “Teacher, look!”

Me -   “Oh, yay!  You are so sweet!”

Student 1 -  “Teacher, which one is correct?” (Questioning her own use of the adjectives)

Me -  “Ummm, both.”  Duh.

Student 2 -  “I think cute.  Teacher Amy is cute.”  *giggles*

Me -  “Why thank you!  Such a sweet girl!”

Student 1 - “I think both.” *giggles*

Me -  “Thank you too!  Such a smart girl!”

I’m a sucker for compliments.

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  1. Aww cute post. I have one middle school student who always says Im a cutie. I blush..then I realise, yet again, its because she doesnt want homework!! Ahh well thought that counts, eh...