Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pizza, With A Bow On Top

Updates… what you have I not told you, my little public diary???  It’s been kind of quiet actually. 

I spent 7 hours Christmas shopping in the freezing cold on Saturday.  It was warm, respectively speaking, at one o’clock when I left my apartment.  Not so warm at 11pm when I returned. Needless to say, I was not dressed appropriately once it hit about four o’clock.  By the time I returned home I was surprised to still be alive, much less with all my fingers and toes still fully attached.  You don’t fully appreciate having a heated car until you’ve walk for miles all day in the freezing cold.  I could have taken cabs but each of my stops were only a few blocks from last so it seemed silly. But trust me, the temptation was there.

On my way home I felt I deserved  a treat so I broke the seal and ordered my first pizza.  Mr. Pizza is one of the main pizza joints but it gets mixed reviews from the foreigner crowd, the people who actually know what good pizza is.  It’s in my building and my students constantly talk about the amazing thing that is bulgogi pizza so by process of elimination, that’s where I went.  I already know that I like bulgogi because my lovely friend Matt took me out for Korean food in Orlando before I left.  Bulgogi, which translates loosely to “fire meat”, is essentially just marinated and grilled meat that would pretty much appease even the pickiest of eaters.  But bulgogi on pizza?  Maybe good, maybe not.


When was the last time your pizza came wrapped in a bow?


Looks normal.  Looks a lot like bbq chicken pizza, which I’m a big fan of.


Never missing an opportunity for pizza…  And just in case snuggling up to the pizza box wasn’t enough


Smushing you head again my bum and giving me pathetic eyes is always a good plan too. Pizza brings out the desperation in everyone apparently.

Overall the pizza was ok.  Better than good, but not great.  Like the Korean version of pepperoni pizza.  It’s a kid pizza.

Other updates… I went to the ballet yesterday and it was wonderful. There will be a whole blog dedicated to that.

I still haven’t gotten a haircut.  Not sure why, just haven’t felt like it.  I will this week.  Probably. I’ve had my eyebrows done a few times though.  Nothing dramatic or exciting to report.

The Korean/Japanese remake of Ghost is apparently not coming to Daejeon even though it’s been advertised all over my tv for weeks.  That was very upsetting.  I had been waiting for this since the Summer.

As of today I am supposed to be able to pick up my Alien Resident Card.  I didn’t get it yet, but supposedly I’m legal now.  That’s a good thing. 

The students just finished all their school finals and even though they don’t technically advance to the next grade until March, they were all moved up and classes changed at our hagwon. (Private language academy)  This week my schedule completely changed, from 17 classes to 12 and my classroom changed too.  I’ll write more about that later.

When I can’t sleep and stay up all night, or if I just wake up freakishly early, this is the sunrise view from my apartment.  Quite lovely I think.



Loves & Hugs,

Amy Kate


  1. Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. I enjoy hearing about your adventures! Wish the "blog" had been available when I was a foreign exchange student (AFS) to Bolivia in the summer of 1970.

  3. Hi Donna! Thank you and I'm so glad you enjoy it!