Sunday, April 3, 2011


Finally with almost (but not quite) six months in Korea I made it to my first yoga class.  And I loved it! despite the fact that 10 hours after the class I still felt like my rib cage was going to collapse at any moment. 

I found a gym just a few blocks away that has yoga classes Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 11. Perfect!  I can still sleep in, it’s already a nice set schedule, and I’ll be out in plenty of time to still loiter around town before work. Sold.  Karissa and I went on Wednesday for what was the first experience with yoga for both of us and it was, well, entertaining. 

We arrived at the class right on time and we were joined by a strikingly beautiful instructor, and four fabulous ajummas that clapped and cheered for us.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term ajumma, Wikipedia defines it as this…

The stereotypical 'ajumma' image is that of a short, stocky, tough old woman who wears purple pants, has permed hair, and sharp elbows on the subway.

In case you are like me and need visuals…


I liked the rainbow pants.  These ladies may look sweet  (and they are!) but…


they are not to be screwed with. 

(these images courtesy of a random Google search)

The six of us laid out our blue mats and got ready to begin.  Our instructor asked both Karissa and I if we had ever done yoga.  “조금” (little), I say.  Even though the real answer is no, I didn’t want to freak her out since she already looked a little concerned that we didn’t speak Korean.  Eh, we can watch and mimic.

It was a great hour.  It was intensely more difficult than I anticipated, but I really liked it.  The ladies were adorable and while half of them were far more adept at yoga than either Karissa or I, the other two continually fell out of their poses and rolled around on the floor giggling.  It was a good time.

This is my favorite position.  I knew it would be.  I’m weird flexible. 


Oddly, the seemingly easier positions were far more difficult for me. 


Ps. it’s also helping my Korean.  Now I can count to 5 instead of 4…

Hana, Dul, Set, Net, TASO!


  1. Bodies are not meant to bend like that.

  2. haha! I've been doing that stretch since I was kid just because I thought it was cool that I could do it and no one else could. Who knew it was an actual pose???

  3. I go to yoga every chance I get these days. My Sunday morning class is my favorite, it is a "restorative" class. That basically just means we stay in poses long enough to "melt into ourselves." Translation: Hour and a half guided relaxation!!