Saturday, April 30, 2011

Korean Night Out

As I’ve said before, Korea is like college.  Well, college with a paycheck.  As part of her trip, Allison needed to experience this so on Friday we took her out for a night on the town.

At 10:30 we met up for a dak galbi dinner.  It’s totally Korean and absolutely delicious. There ended up being twelve of us at dinner, but we failed to take any group photos.  Sorry.


Starts like this… veggies, dok (rice cakes), soybean paste, and red chili powder.


Let it cook, add it in some grilled chicken and it looks like this.

Delicious. and HOT. but delicious. (Clears your sinuses right up!)

Allison tried kimchi and she actually liked it.  Some people do.  I don’t.

She also successfully used chopsticks for her first time.  Yay, Allison!  But she didn’t really have a choice… they do not have forks available when you go out.

Then we headed towards Yellow Taxi, the main foreigner bar which is home to the 13,000 won (approx. $13 USD) Irish car bombs.  (No, we didn’t do shots.)


We hung out at Yellow Taxi for a few hours and around 2:30 am we moved across the street to the noraebang (private karaoke rooms).  Rockin’ good time, folks.  Allison and I busted out the Britney. Any and all music you could want is available. It’s sincerely difficult to not have a good time at a noraebang.  Here is a picture that Allison snuck of me singing Chumbawamba with Jessica.


At almost 5am it was time to head back to Time World for a McDonald’s breakfast and we walked home as the sun was rising over the mountains.

And that my friends, that’s how they do it in Korea. 

(Please note this is the 3rd time I have ever partaken in this tradition.  This is not an accurate portrayal of my life here.)


  1. Look at all that litter...haha! Looks like a great time.

  2. looks like u guys had fun!

  3. Excellent. :-)

  4. It's so nice to see you and Amy having a good time together!! mom