Friday, April 29, 2011

Allison & Amy Day One

Today was pretty quiet for us since she is still adjusting to the time change and we have plans to go out this evening. This blog will be pretty short as we really didn’t do anything of merit today. We went to the bank to exchange currency, walked around town, grabbed lunch and a cupcake.


First stop… Starbucks.  You buy a cake pop, you get a gift box!


Sweet potato pizza (yes, that’s Korean food!) and pasta for lunch.



This is the temple behind City Hall near my house. 

Then we went home to take a nap before the Royal Wedding which was narrated by this guy…


He makes us laugh.

Stay tuned… We are going out on the town tonight.  First stop – 10:30 dinner plans!

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  1. Starbucks, cake pop, gift box, sweet potato pizza, pasta, walking, temple, nap, funny guy...

    What do you mean you didn't do anything of merit? Sounds like an awesome day to me!