Monday, November 14, 2011

I Can Breathe Again! And Other Revelations

I know longer feel like death.  That's a bonus.  The last two weeks were pretty rough.  I'm not a sick person but the last two weeks were probably about the worst sick that I've ever been. Minus that whole ruptured appendicitis thing a few years back.

Things here are getting much nicer though the weather is getting much colder.  I had a revelation last week.  A pretty major one actually.  So, homesickness (and boredom) has hit pretty intensely the last few months.  I figured out why. We used to do really cool stuff all.the.timeShark diving. Eric Clapton. Run around town begging random Koreans to say "Merry Christmas" for a camera.  Hiking. and Festivals.  Then I quit doing stuff.  The last major thing I did was ziplining on my birthday-which goes down as my favorite experience in Korea, by the way.  I very clearly remember after that weekend expressing how completely exhausted I was from being so busy every weekend of the last 8 months and I was calling it quits.  4 months later, I still haven't done anything exciting.  And I haven't left Daejeon since my birthday.

No wonder I'm bored and homesick. Life here has become normal.  I go to work, I get my takeout for dinner, and I go home to my wonderful human-like companion.  Dinners with friends on the weekends and SATC nights are tossed throughout each week. Then add in a few fine arts filled evenings as well...but still pretty normal.  Normal in Korea = Kinda boring.  Granted, living in Korea is lovely and rarely is there actually a "boring" day, but the adrenalin and passion we all had when we first got here has completely disappeared.  I came here to get away from normal, right? Normal wasn't really working out for me in Orlando. it's time to fix that! Miss Trisha left this morning to begin her exciting new life in Georgia and that has left me unexpectedly emotional.  This past weekend for her send off five of us girls traveled to Seoul (2 hr bus ride there, 2 hour train ride back) purely to go have lunch. (and what might be one of the best taxi rides I've ever had.-That says a lot by the way.)  Other things were on the agenda but we ended up only with a leisurely lunch followed by dessert at Cold Stone.  And fyi, Jordanian food is delicious!

Oh, how I've missed hummus.  It's the little things in life that make you happy. and Diet coke!!! I haven't seen that in several months now. I am very much looking forward to going back to the land of aspertame in a few weeks.  Coke Zero is not the same thing at Diet Coke. 

This weekend I will go visit Kate in Gwangju so that will be a fun little excursion as well. Then in two weeks from today, I will on a plane headed back to the wonderful U.S. of A. for 3 glorious weeks!  I love Korea, but I love my family more and I miss them so much. 

Since people are saying I'm not posting enough pictures of me here you go.  Thought, I don't know why you feel like you need them... You know what I look like.

Here is Lee Ann and I at one of our last lunches with Trisha. Apparently I have no actual pictures of Trisha and I. Sorry, Trisha.

This is me after the opera a few weeks ago.  I still need to write a blog about that.  It was pretty fantastic. After fighting with the red eye function for about 30 minutes, I gave up.  Sorry.

And this is when one of my students hijacked my camera.


  1. One of your students is a good photographer.

  2. LOVE the look great!!!!!

  3. P.S. I also love that you can breathe again...that is always a good thing! A twelve hour plane ride would not be fun sick.