Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Herb Hillz–The Obstacle Course

Part Two. 

Madelein, Lee Ann, and I did the King Kong course at Herb Hillz in Daegu.  This course ranked 3 out of 4 stars in difficulty.  Those stars were well deserved.

In reviewing my pictures, the crazy high rope ladder was not the first obstacle.  It was the entrance to the obstacle course.  (can you sense the sarcasm?)


Obstacle One: This was actually pretty easy.  It was on a strong incline so I think that actually made it easier.

DSCN1691 - CopyDSCN1688 - Copy


You can’t tell, but that’s me.

DSCN1693 - Copy

And that’s Lee Ann.

Obstacle Two: I forgot to take a picture of this one.  It was just a bridge to walk across.  No big deal.

DSCN1692 - Copy

Obstacle Three:  The first zipline.

DSCN1694 - CopyDSCN1703 - Copy

Between Three & Four was the worst ladder I have ever had to climb.  It should have counted for an obstacle.180 degrees with no floor below you.  Yes, you are connected at all times so you won’t actually fall to the ground and break your neck, but it was painfully difficult.  Probably the hardest part of the entire course actually.

Obstacle Four: Our second zipline.

DSCN1704 - Copy

Obstacle Five:  This is where it got rough.  Our first actually intimidating bridge. This one had Madelein sick to her stomach.

DSCN1712 - CopyDSCN1710 - Copy

DSCN1716 - Copy

Such a trooper.

Obstacle Six:  Hard.

This made me ill. You had to Tarzan swing across the bridge and each of the steps were about 6 feet (2 meters) apart.  No bueno. 

DSCN1715 - CopyDSCN1713 - Copy

Obstacle Seven:  A very short wire walk.  This shouldn’t have counted as an obstacle.

DSCN1717 - CopyDSCN1720

But it was a nice little breather after the last two.

Obstacle Eight:  Another zip line.

DSCN1718 - Copy

Obstacle Nine:  I have no idea.

Obstacle Ten:  Another net to walk across.

This time it was on a decline.  I was tired so I tried to scoot down on my bum.  In cargo pants.  That was a monumental fail.

DSCN1722 - CopyDSCN1724 - Copy

Madelein did this one far more gracefully than I did.

Obstacle Eleven:  Tree Surfing.

DSCN1723 - Copy


I don’t even like skate boards on land much less when I’m 100 feet off the ground.  No bueno. My heart skipped a few beats here.

Obstacle Twelve:  Biking in the trees.DSCN1727DSCN1730DSCN1731

Again, while you are on each obstacle you are always connected to something.  You aren’t going to fall and/or die.  But it’s still a little disconcerting at times. 

This is where my camera died. 

Obstacle Thirteen: Another net to walk across.

This time it was only about 2 feet wide, with no sides.  It was our cat walk. America’s (and South Africa’s) Next Top Model style.

Obstacle Fourteen:  The Tightrope

Divided into 5 different sections were about 150 feet (purely speculation on my part) of cable that we had to walk across.  At each division you would have to maneuver your way around a tree walking only on wire.  These trees didn’t have landing platforms like the other obstacles did.


Since we were almost at the end we could see the rest of our group waiting towards the training area for us.  We spent several minutes suspended on wire screaming to get their attention.  I wanted pictures of this.


Obstacle Fifteen:  The Final Zip Line

There were a few little kids that were so excited watching Madelein and I fly down.  We had to wave at them.

This is also the only zip line that I didn’t land and had to crawl my way back to the end.  And, of course, it’s on video.

We made it back to Daejeon around 11:30.  The new Mexican restaurant, Daejeon Cantina, was waiting for us knowing that we were getting back in town late.  We went out for a quick dinner and I was home and in bed by 1:30 completely exhausted from the day.


Such a cool way to turn thirty.  Thanks Korea!

(And thanks to everyone that I stole videos and pictures from!)

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  1. When you said you were ziplining, I thought you were doing just that...ziplining. I can't believe all these obstacles! Love all the details/pictures/videos!

    Kudos to you guys for doing all of them, you would never catch me finishing! Can't wait to hear about the next time you go.

    Welcome again to 30!