Thursday, July 7, 2011

Letter to Caylee Marie Anthony

Dear Caylee Marie,

I hope you know how many people around the country and world are thinking of you today.  You are loved and remembered by so many millions of people that you will never have the opportunity to meet.  You were a beautiful young girl that died in an extraordinarily terrible way.  Your  innocence, vulnerability, and sweet smile caught the attention of a nation three years ago and you have had a very special place in my heart since that day. The world may never know what happened to you and your family may never be able to move past the grief of losing their angel but I hope you, beautiful Caylee Marie, are finally at peace.

I don’t know why but I have been incredibly affected by your situation since the very day you were reported missing. Even while living on the other side of the world I still check the Orlando news every day wishing for reconciliation in your story. Maybe it’s because I lived only 10 minutes away from your family when you went missing. Perhaps it’s because you bear a striking resemblance to my beautiful niece who you would be the same age as. Maybe it’s because you were reported missing 3 years ago on my birthday and that has always stuck with me. Or maybe it’s because of more personal reasons that I always had a connection to you. But even though we never met you have had a very special place in my heart every day of the last three years.

I’m sorry that you will never be able to go to college or get your first job or have your first day of school.  You will never get to have your first best friend, your first kiss, or experience the innocence of a first love. No barbies, no student council, no prom date. I’m sorry that you never got to discover your passion in life.  Your purpose in life. You never even got to learn the alphabet.

The State of Florida failed you, Caylee Marie. Your family failed you. So many people failed you but especially those whose job it was to protect you. I don’t blame the jury or the prosecution or even the defense. Everyone was simply doing their job and they did the best they could with the information they were provided. Somehow, though, when all the pieces were put together the system failed. There is someone out there who knows your truth and that person may or may not be your mother but I’m sorry that you didn’t have her to protect you when you needed her most.  Three years and probably millions of dollars in tax money and legal fees later we are still no closer to knowing your story. You deserve better than that.

Rest in peace beautiful girl.

With all my love,

Amy Kate


  1. My friend, Charlotte, posted this to her facebook page. Though I do not know you, I can tell from this blog, you are a very kind and thoughtful person. Very beautifully said... it brought me to tears. This is so very sad.

  2. It brought me to tears, as well. It is a very beautifully written letter that I hope she can read from heaven.

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