Thursday, November 3, 2011

10 Things I Most Look Forward At Home

Being sick is making me melodramatic.  I love Korea but with all good things sometimes you need a little space.  And while Korea is hugely accommodating to the foreigner population (Americans could learn a lot from them), we're due for a little time apart right now. 

Here is what I look forward to most about going home.  Family, boyfriend and friends are intentionally left off the list though they are obviously what I miss the most. Of course meeting my new nephew trumps everything.  And spending time with my beautiful niece, Lily.  And my sisters. I'm in desperate need of some sister time. And my parents.  My God, I miss my parents.  In the words of Madea, "I'm ret-ta-go now."

1.  Being able to read a restaurant menu. Any restaurant menu.

2.  The ability to walk into a store and know that the clothes will fit me.  The skirts will be of an adequate length and the shirts will have, ummm, ample room in the chest. Also, my shoe size (a gigantic 8 1/2) will not bring on looks of complete shock and disbelief.  "We don't carry that large size here."

3.  Not having to carry toilet paper in my purse.  And knowing that there is a better than not chance that there will be toilet paper when I walk into a stall. Oh, and not having to use the inappropriate blue soaps in public restrooms.  If you don't know, don't ask. They are the reason I always have hand santizer in my purse.

4.  Communication.  I crave communication.

5.  English speaking television.  While I've grown fond of watching 4 hours of Sex & The City spaced throughout the course of each day, variety will be appreciated.

6. Chipotle. And Tijuana Flats.  And Pei Wei.  Oh dear sweet Pei Wei. I've missed you. And Imo's.

7. Sprawling out on a really comfortable couch for naps.  My couch is slightly less than comfortable. As is my bed.

8. XL1067

9. People not asking me how I made my eyes blue or my hair gold.  While it's hilaaaaarious when a new student sees me for the first time (they almost always jump back like they've seen a ghost) it will be nice to not have that affect on people for a few weeks.

10. In a country that doesn't believe in bathtubs, clothes dryers, or ovens, I miss the bathtub the most.  With the clothes dryer being a very close second.  Very close.


  1. I love you, too. Just under five months to go, and I'm second-ing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 10 the most. And equally. To add one of my own, I miss windows without holes intentionally built into them.

  2. hahahaha! Your windows have holes in them?!