Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sick In Korea

Me: Guys, I'm really sick today.  Can you please be nice today?
Student: You look sick.  Your eyes are purple.
I have no idea what that means, but I've been bad sick since Sunday evening.  Monday was the worst day, but today is pulling in a close second. What I should have done last night was go home and take a benadryl and go straight to bed. That was the plan. What I really did was stay up wasting time online until 4 am making today a really hard day.  Really, really hard.

I don't know what's wrong with me.  I think I've been kicked into early menopause masked with cold/flu type systems.  WebMD agrees.  Of course, WebMD also tells me I could potentially have a plethora of incurable diseases as well.  It's a toss up at this point.  But I'm not a happy camper.  Tomorrow morning a friend is taking me to her doctor so I'll be fine.

My objective in this blog is not make you feel sorry for me.   My objective is to let you know that I have had a very busy last few months and I haven't really written about any of the recent events.  A 6 hour (unplanned) hike around the city, the orchestra, the opera (which I loved!), Halloween parties at work, and much more.  They will eventually appear on here, with plenty of pictures alongside them, I just need you to be patient.

Right now, I plan to board a plane in early December to head home (St Louis & Orlando) for the holidays. I hope to leave in exactly four weeks from tomorrow but this is yet to be confirmed.  If anyone wants to see me during that time you may need to make arrangements with me before I jump on a plane.  I'm not sure if I will have a phone during my visit, and it is likely that in St Louis I will have very minimal Internet access for those two weeks.

I'm a little nervous about going home.  Not because of any reason other than I have become very lazy here.  Very, very lazy.  I'm accustomed to discussing any topic in public.  From the strange, to the perverted, to the obscene.  Why?  Because no one can understand us!  It's been fantastic.  BUT I'm afraid that I might forget when I'm home that people can understand me and my rampant 4-letter vocabulary again.  Hope not!  I've also become slightly used to being the center of attention (because in Korea ALL foreigners are the center of attention).  While that's not completely out of character for me, it's definitely worsened here.  Trust me.  It's like being back at Disney.  We are all local celebrities. 

I'll post more later. (And Allison, this is why you haven't heard from me since the weekend.  Don't get worried.)

Tonight's plan?  Benadryl at 11:05.

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  1. I love that you can read my mind!!! :) I was going to email you and check in today. You had been too quiet. Hope you feel better soon!!!! We'll talk soon.