Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun Kid Conversations

Me:  Why is your name Pringles?
Student:  Because Teacher Andrea brought me these snacks called Pringles one day.  I liked them very much so I changed my name to Pringles.
Me:  What was your name before Pringles?
Students:  Nazi. 
Me:  Because you like nazis?
Student:  No, because I like Hitler.  He was handsome and powerful and not violent. 
Me:  Hitler was not violent? 
Student:  No.  You are violent, Teacher.  Hitler was not.  Hitler was handsome and powerful.  I like Hitler.
Me:  I might not tell a lot of people that.
Student 1:  Teacher, you are a princess?
Me:  Yes, I am.
Student 1: Princess of Sickness
Student 2:  Princess of Diseases
Student 3:  Princess of Weird
Me:  Princess of Awesome.
Student 1:  What’s awesome?
The following conversation happened while I was in the restroom washing my hands.  As I walked out of the stall one of my students was leaving.  It was an educated guess that I knew her best friend was in the occupied stall.

Voice from the stall:  Teacher Amy?
Me:  Yes, it's me.
Voice from the stall:  Hi, Teacher! Do you know who this is?
Me:  Yes, Emily.
Voice from the stall: Really?  Who am I?
Me:  Emily.
Voice from the stall: Oh my God!  (followed by giggles)  Do you know my Korean name?
Me:  Yes.  유나  (To respect the rules of the ladies room that is not her real name.)
Voice from the stall: Oh wow!  Very good teacher!!!
Me:  Bye, Emily.
Voice from the stall:  Bye, TEACHER!!!!!!!

I wish I wrote down more of these.  I seriously spend a good portion of every night at work in complete hysterics.  These kids are unimagineably hysterical.  Sometimes on purpose, but most times completely on accident.

Last week in class we had an arm wrestling war.  I won.  I beat all 7 students!  Granted they were 5th and 6th graders, but I beat them and in my world, that's all that counts. And some of them are strong!
Afterwards, I earned the title of being "stonger than any other people!"

So powerful, in fact, that I can bust the Earth into a million pieces.  I'm that awesome.

Oh, and here are some pictures of my boys that love to steal my shoes.  I wear slippers at work (hooray for Korea!) and they have finally learned that my heels are always under my desk.  Anytime I leave the room with this class, I always come back to some little boy wearing my Kenneth Coles.

He is one of my absolute favorite students.  His name is Harry.  I would adopt him if I could.


  1. hahahahah!!!!this made me laugh so hard!!it's like i can hear them.just today i e-mailed my friends some of the conversations i had with my students.they're sooo funny!i miss Pringles:)

  2. Oh, the best, Amy!!! Priceless!