Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bad Ideas & Essays

I let some of my students call Matt last week.  That has since turned out to be a very bad idea.  All they want to do now is talk about him, make up superhero stories about him, and call him again since most of them got too embarrassed to actually talk to him the first time around.  Most recently, they like to write essays about him.

The essay topic was where do you want to go for your honeymoon?  A strange question for a group of sixth grade boys, but I don’t write the topics. I just assign them.  This was the response from one of my favorite students. 


For my honeymoon, I want to go to my teacher’s boyfriend’s  house. First, for my honeymoon it is very convenient to go to his house. So, it is very good.

I am happy whenever I am at my teacher’s house because she treats me very well. Staying at my teacher’s boyfriend’s house is very good because of the free snacks and the good treatment I will get.

So, for my honeymoon, I want to go to my teacher’s boyfriend’s house.


Kids are strange.

[Editor’s note: none of my students have ever been to my home. I refuse to tell them where I live since it’s about 2 blocks from the school.]