Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Gift In The Park

Much to my disinterest, Charles did everything in his power to convince me to take an afternoon stroll today.  I even tried to dissuade him with left over pizza from dinner with Lee Ann last night.  It didn’t work.  He still ended up parked at the front door waiting for me to get over myself (and the extra frigid air today) and pick up the leash.

We finally made it out the door and made our way to the concrete park behind our building.  Immediately, we met two of the sweetest little girls, Amy and Erika.  They were 11 and 10, respectively. I assume that is Korean age so they are really 8 to 10-ish. They were so sweet and their English was very good for their age.  Of course our conversation was very basic but my young ones certainly could not have a similar conversation due to the anxiety of meeting a new foreigner in a public, non-school location. My students would have froze.  Maybe we should work on that….

Anyway, I wish I had had my camera with me to take a picture of them, but since I hadn’t really wanted to go out in the first place I hadn’t really prepared myself for the meeting.  We hung out for about ten minutes holding conversation the whole time.  I was so impressed with them.  And then they each gave me a gift!


They were each carrying a basket and they both wanted to give me theirs.  I felt terrible taking them but they insisted. Repeatedly.  And it’s terribly rude to refuse when someone tries to give you something in Korea.

Charles immediately took a liking to them, too.  The girls and the baskets.  Without hesitation he stuck his big head through, around and in both baskets.  Then his head got stuck.  The girls were amused, as was I.

And this, ladies and gentleman, is why I love Korea.  I know it’s a different experience because I’m a foreigner but you never know what humor or sincerity is lurking around the corner just waiting for you to leave your apartment.  Even when your dog drags you out unwillingly.

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