Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Essay on Disgusting Foods

Yet another exciting day with 5th graders and essays. 
Today’s fun topic: Discuss what you think are the most disgusting foods.  Why do you think they are disgusting?
Most Impressive Answer:  Foie Gras
Most Expected Answer:  Nose Dust  (ie. Boogers)
Most Appreciated Answer:  Dog Meat
Most Disgusting Answer: Cow Eyes
We had a plethora of other answers but those were the ones that stuck out for me.  The "boogers" comment even started a long (and educational) conversation about throw up, vomit and barf. Throw up and vomit can be used with anyone, specifically parents and doctors. Barf should be reserved only for friends and siblings, in my opinion. 

Our second unit for the day was about Saturn.  Apparently the rings of Saturn are made up exclusively of rocks, dust and boogers.  Children are gross.

For those that know me, you already know that I was incapable of speaking during most of this conversation.  I was giggling so uncontrollably that all our new vocabulary words had to be written up on the board because I couldn't make myself say them.  It was such an inappropriate conversation to have, but realistically they have to learn these words as well.  Someone had to teach them.  And it was hysterically funny.

I'm classy AND fun.

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