Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Ego of A Weiner Dog

Earlier this week, I found a stash of candy and treats that Charlie had hidden behind his kennel.  He really is like a small child. Matt's mom had sent me cupcake kits for Halloween to make for my students.  I had lost one of the boxes, which seemed a bit strange even for me.  Monday night I found tattered packages of marshmallows, frosting, sugar decorations, a few other little gems hidden behind his kennel.  Apparently the packaging was too strong for a weiner dog to break through.

This is him when I found the stash...
"Marshmallows....they smell so good!!!"

"So, you're saying that keeping food behind my kennel is a bad thing?" 

This is when he realized he was in trouble for it.

There is nothing as heartwrenching as an ego shattered weiner dog. He takes these things very personally. He's so human-like. Poor kid.  Lessons are hard sometimes.

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