Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eric Clapton Live In Seoul

It was pretty awesome.  My pictures aren’t the greatest, but my new camera is on it’s way so you’ll just have to deal with slightly less than great video for this blog.


    Poster: Eric Clapton Live in Seoul 2011

    Thanks to Madelein’s friend, Greg, we had great seats!  Floor seats, 10th row (ish).  We had planned to get up early and spend the day in Seoul, then see the concert at 7.  As all early morning plans with me go, that didn’t happen.  Marisol’s birthday celebration was the night before and as I was the only sober one that night, I was also the only one without a hangover the next day. But I was still exhausted.  We ended up not leaving Daejeon until almost 3 in the afternoon.  Between an hour train ride, catching up with everyone else in Seoul, and then another hour on the subway, we were being ushered to our seats as the music was beginning.  I kind of prefer it that way, even if it was on accident.

    Here is one of my two favorite songs in the entire world sung live.  The quality is lacking (new camera in the mail, remember?!?!) and my cinematography is even worse but the point is that I saw one of my favorite songs ever performed live… by a Legend.  And I think that’s rockin’ awesome. (Ps. It is advisable to watch this in full screen.  My camera apparently doesn’t zoom when it’s recording.)

    One day a man will dance with me to this song, not because I’ve begged him to, but because he is the same hopeless romantic that I used to be.  Then I will marry that man because he will be my fairytale.


    His stage presence left quite a bit to be desired.  Granted the man is 62, I think, but still.  He went from standing to sitting to standing again.  Outside of his songs he spoke four words, Hello twice and Thank you twice.  I guess technically that’s six, but you get the point.  He did all the songs I know, and many that I didn’t.  The question that everyone asks, “Did he sing Tears in Heaven.”  No, he didn’t. I’ve been told that was removed from the playlist years ago.  Given the story behind the song I can’t blame him one bit. 

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