Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Reason I Love SoKo

Free dental care for foreigners.  Well, sorta. 


It’s free for foreign workers who don’t have health insurance provided through their employers.  I have health insurance so I won’t go here for medical, but as far as I know I don’t think I have dental.  At home they are two very separate things…here, I think they are two separate things.  I should check on this.

Anyway, today Nadia and Lee Ann kindly took Marisol and I to the dentist since we didn’t know where it was.  I found out I have 2.5 cavities (the .5 being a broken tooth more than an actual cavity) but they are technically the first cavities I’ve ever had so this is a fairly big deal to me.  The dentist was exceptionally polite but his English was very “short” as he told me.  I laughed. My Korean is also very “short”.  Today was more of a meet and greet, you have 2.5 cavities so come back next Sunday and we’ll get you taken care of.   It was definitely a good experience. 

I love Korean health care. So far my only experience is from my employment health exam, the dermatologist, and now the dentist, but it’s hard to not love it.  You might not always know what pills you are taking but, hey, they work.

After the dentist, we went for lattes and tiramisu.   I technically had to wait 3-4 hours to “chew” anything so tiramisu seemed to be a safe bet. And the cupcake store was closed.

Later we went to see a play written and produced by a small group of foreigners.  It was called “Oh, Weigukin!”, the Korean word for “foreigner.”  A word that is used surprisingly often here. 



I didn’t get any good pictures of the play, but this is the largest gathering of foreigners in Daejeon that I’ve ever seen.  I was surprised at the turnout.


And for dinner we had pizza. (This was the day of healthy eating.)  Koreans come up with the strangest pizza toppings but this one turned out really good.


“omy ribs” pizza

It had rib meat, regular and sweet potato pieces, and onions with bar-b-que sauce on it.  It was pretty darn good.

My little Korean happy bubble expands just a little bit more everyday.  I like it here.

(PS. I got my new camera!  It’s awesome and takes really nice pictures.)


  1. The pizza looks good! I wish we had more pizza variety here.

    I want to open a Pokemon themed pizza restaurant with hundreds of different flavors. "Gotta catch 'em all!"

    Not, really. Someone can steal my idea.

    I'm glad the dentist went well. I want a nice dentist who speaks short English here.

  2. The pizza was surprisingly good, and don't you just love Korean dental/healthcare? I do. :)