Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Wonderful Surprise

Around 8:45 am on Monday my phone rings.  I don’t know the number so I hit ignore and go back to sleep.  I’m in Korea, people.  Answering an unknown number never goes well.

It immediately rings again.  Ugh.  This time I let it ring out, but I still don’t answer it.  And I go back to sleep after a solid two minutes of the world’s most annoying ringtone.

10 minutes later it rings again.  Same number. Really people? I answer it.

Me: Hello?

Korean Man:  An-nyong-ha-say-yo? (That means hello)  Amy?

Me:  Yes, Amy  (internal monologue “oh no! What did I do?”)

KM:  Delivery service. Amy?

Me:  Uhhhh, ok.  Yes, Amy. (they usually just bring deliveries straight to my door…)

KM:  Delivery service.  1521?  (apartment #)

Me:  Yes. 1521.

KM:  Amy?

Me:  Yes. Amy. Yes.

KM: 1521?

Me:  Yes.  1521.

KM: 1-5-2-1?

Me: Yes. 1-5-2-1.  (oh for the love of God)

KM: Flower Service. Amy?

Me:  (flower service?  I need to work on my Korean…) Yes, Amy. 1521.

KM: Flower Service. Amy. 1521. 1-5-2-1.

Me: (Thanks for the recap.) Yes.  Amy. 1521. 

KM: Ok, Bye.

Although I was still slightly asleep, something told me that I should probably get out of bed and put real clothes on.  I quickly got dressed, turned on the tv, and laid back down with Charlie.  Not 5 minutes later, my doorbell rang.  (yes, I have doorbell for a 10 sq foot apartment.)


Yay for pretty flowers!  People love me, I have a huge fan club.  Ok, maybe not but my friend Allison in Chicago loves me! 

Thank you, Allison! They are beautiful!  I love them!

I immediately gave them fresh water and put them in the window for sunlight. Then I giggled over them for a little bit because I LOVE flowers. And then I went back to bed. 



  1. They really do have a website for everything....

    At first I wasn't sure if this site was legit, but the flowers look great! I also got a call from Korea to confirm the order, but she spoke perfect English.


  2. I now know why the deliver person was so neurotic: