Thursday, November 18, 2010


After a rough last week I have fallen back in love with my new city.

The last few days I’ve done some exploring to see what the shopping is like.  Truthfully, I was on a quest for make-up and a hair dryer because the voltage conversion blew mine up last week. Nevertheless, it has been an exciting few days.

I was walking to Time World on Monday and I started to hear loud sirens.  I figured it was police, ambulance, etc, but then it didn’t stop.  It continued for at least ten minutes and even though I couldn’t decipher which direction the noise was coming from, it seemed to be stagnant wherever it was.  As I approach Time World (which is this massive and fancy shopping area) traffic had been stopped in all directions. Most people had turned off their engines and there was a person on each corner with big yellow flags signaling to everyone.

First I think, hmmm, maybe someone important died.  This happens in Orlando semi-frequently and traffic gets stopped all over town for the procession.  That’s possible…

Then I think, oh no!  We’ve been bombed and I had no idea because I’ve completely abandoned CNN since my relocation to the Eastern Hemisphere.

Duh, if war had broken out I think I would have been informed.  I know enough people here now that someone would have told me.  Maybe they would have even interrupted my 3am ritual of Sex and the City with “An Important Announcement”, all in Korean of course.

Still having no idea what was happening, I figured since no one else was panicking, why should I?  I continued on my way to Time World and because I couldn’t cross over the street, I took the tunnel underneath.  What a good idea that was!

Purses, and scarves, and accessories, OH MY!  $25 “Coach” and $40 “Prada” bags.


No exciting purchases yet but I’m going to have a ball one of these days. I have an agenda to follow before I can start throwing away all my won on fancy clothes and purses. But I feel like I have my own little NYC right here.  And I love it.

Oh, and it turns out that the sirens were a national defense fire drill kind of thing.  Apparently they do a test every few months.

I found a little store called Olive Young.  It’s a skin and body store so I was able to buy face wash, a hair dryer and some lotion.  My skin is not used to this cold weather.  The whole area is filled with little boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants.  I love living only 6 blocks away.

On Wednesday, Marisol and I met at Time World to do a little exploring and also see if we could find any restaurants that were offering an American Thanksgiving menu.  We talked to a few different places (and by “we”, I mean Marisol talked) and while there is no turkey and stuffing, there is an American menu and that seems good enough.

Time World is huge!  I was able to find make-up fairly easily in my skin tone.  Mineral make-up is a little harder to find, but the ladies at the Laura Mercier counter helped me get what I needed.  Yay!

This mall is ridiculous.  I guess it is technically a mall, even though it doesn’t have actual stores. It has the fanciest of the fancy brands and they are all divided by glass walls and freakishly expensive.  It is 13 floors of entertainment if you include the underground grocery and stationary stores. The top floor is Sky Park…a park in the sky!  Why not?

And a picture of a very fancy grocery store…

Spam and Special K… Awesome.

It also has a work-out center, a theatre, a cultural center and an entire floor dedicated to children’s activities.
After a quick lunch at TGI Friday (Jack Daniels Chicken!) the waitress helped Marisol get a cab to take her home because she lives in a different part of town.  In my sheer laziness, I decided to take a cab home too. All of 6 blocks.

I live in the fanciest area of Daejeon, and I think that’s awesome. I love my new home.

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  1. Can not wait to come and visit! We are so going to the purse store!!!