Monday, November 29, 2010

Lessons From My Students

The things you don’t learn in American schools…

1. A Korean “Kick Me” sign
It actually translate to “hit me” 10x, but the objective is still the same.
2. Definition of “neutral” - the Swiss.

3. Here is a student's essay on “Living a Healthy Life.”  I’ve corrected it to the best of my ability, but parts of it I just don’t understand.
“From now on is good to practice good habits for good health. There is a lot of good habits for good health. First, don’t eat fruit and vegetable together. After lunch, relax the body or hair if feeling heavy and tired easily. And that is why, second, we should refrain from drinking water during meals. 30 minutes before a meal or two hours after eating rice drinking water is good. This habit stops chronic gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, liver cirrhosis which is a good effect. Third, overeating is a shortcut to the death. In particular, gastrointestinal disorders.  If the food is extra bad it is a good idea to abstain. Forth, snacks should be avoided. Night snacks interfere with the rule to avoid. Water or green tea is good. Finally, drink water also. Regular daily exercise routine. These habits and practices I don’t only need to know, that is useless, and I must try to endure.”
4. Korean’s have black eyes.  Maybe most Asians do I just never knew that.  Here is a lesson I had to teach today, probably one of the most entertaining lessons I teach.


  1. I like your videos, Amy.

    I just ate dinner and am tired. I need to relax the body or hair.

  2. My "word verification" for posting my comment just now was "firmases."

    Just had to mention that.