Thursday, November 4, 2010


I've said it before, but life is easy here.  It’s probably because I’ve only been here a few weeks and haven’t had time to stir up any drama, but truthfully, it is easy. Of course there is the obvious “I don’t speak the language” thing, but that’s really only a problem if you allow it to be.  I haven’t had a functioning cell phone since I flew out of LAX on October 14 and I have tell you, I don’t miss it.  No drama, no stress. This is how it should be.  Maybe life was easier before we became so technology obsessed. I will get one eventually, but right now I just don’t want one yet.

Daejeon is one of the largest cities in South Korea, however they have an incredibly low foreigner population.  Unlike Seoul, I can walk around all day and see no other foreigners. I feel like I have complete anonymity here even though I have just the opposite.  I am the only blonde hair, blue eyed girl for miles.  Then add in the silly looking dog that tries to attack everyone and yep, I’m pretty much famous here. But in my mind I’m still completely anonymous. And I love that.

I truly enjoy being able to sit quietly in my own company to just meditate and be in my own thoughts.  So far South Korea has been perfect for that.  I needed this. It has given me the peace and serenity that I have desperately needed for the last year.  A lot of people ask what I plan to do after this year and honestly, I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. I could stay here for another year, go to another country, go back to Florida, or go anywhere that I want.  A year and a half ago I thought I had my entire life figured out. It's funny how quickly that rug can be ripped out from underneath you. I've only been here three weeks and I know that time will lead me to where I am meant to go. I don't spend anytime thinking about what will happen a year from now. Right now, this is where I am meant to be.

I’ve had a few stresses with my classes this week so that's been hard, but that’s what happens with all new jobs I guess. It’s difficult trying to organize activities for 17 different classes, especially when none of them are where they are supposed to be.  They are either weeks ahead or weeks behind and I’ve had to try to keep it all straight.  For those that know me well, you know that organization is not my forte. Also, any and all stereotypes about Asian children being quiet and respectful are NOT true. The students that are good, are great!  The students that are bad, are beyond terrible.  These children are out of control.  Some of them honestly have me a bit afraid of them.  They don’t know that I fear them of course, but fear is not an emotion that I have a lot of experience with. Next week each of my classes start with a new book, or preparations for their finals so it’s a clean slate for me with each of them. That will be very nice.

I don’t really have much else going on. Someone had asked me to do a “day in the life of Amy” blog but it’s a bit too embarrassing to publish.  I do very little.  Right now it’s work, reruns of Sex and the City until the wee morning hours of the morning, and sleeping like a rockstar.  It’s kind of like a working vacation so far and I’m ok with that.  Plus it’s starting to get very cold here and that really doesn’t help the motivation level either.  I’m not a cold weather girl…

Miss you all,

Amy Kate


  1. Better get used to the cold for when you move to Chicago! :) It is forecasted to snow here this week!

    Have fun and miss you too!!!!

  2. I love that after 10 years of trying you still think I might move to Chicago.... :)