Monday, November 8, 2010

I ♥ My Friends

I have the best friends, really I do.  I received my first care package today and Allison, you rock.

I needed a barker collar for Charlie because his behavior has to straighten out over here. The people here don’t appreciate it and honestly, I can’t expect them to.  It’s like being the person with the loud, out of control child that I always shoot dirty looks to.  Not because their child is acting out, young children lack the self-control  and understanding of society’s rules.  I glare because the adult has no control over their child, or concern for social etiquette, and that’s a problem.

I have become that doggy mommy.  That’s not ok.   He's perfectly fine in the apartment, it's just when we go out for walks that he gets noisy so I always carry him through the groups of people.  I'm hoping he can start acting right so I don't have to keep carrying him.  Twenty pounds is a lot to carry all the way to the park.

So today we got our barker collar!  yay!  I’ve always been moderately against them but desperate times call for desperate measures.  I am a bit nervous for him regarding our first few trials with it but I’m confident it will work.  It has to. Poor Charles, I’ve tried to explain it to him but he has no idea what he is in for.

Anyway, Allison,  you did a fantastic job!  Cranberry sauce, macaroni and cheese, dog toys, Hershey bars, popcorn, tomato soup, chocolate cake and so much more!!!  Here are some pictures of our care package. Thank you, Allison!!!



For those interested in sending me mail (hint, hint) message me if I haven’t already sent you my address.  For obvious reasons I can’t post it on here. 
Ready, set, ATTACK!


  1. Yah! Thanks for the blog dedication! So glad you and Charlie like!! Well, I hope Charlie still likes me after you put the barker collar on him!

    I had so much fun putting it together. Just a tip to anyone that is sending you a box--- do not close the box until after you fill out the customs paperwork. They need a detailed list of what's in the box with the cost, and that's not easy to do after sealing the box the night before!

    Love the pictures...keep them coming! I am glad to see that everything I sent you, you received! I can't believe it got to you in 6 days total! Be sure to share some of that chocolate with your students!

    Let me know what you need in next month's care package! Have fun!!!!

  2. I have not sent you a care package. I am a bad friend.

    Thank goodness Allison is around.

  3. That's ok, Matthew. You've been busy, I understand. However, you should maybe start thinking about sending me one... :)