Saturday, November 6, 2010


Sitting in an empty apartment has never done anyone any good.  Today was one of those days.  I had so many great intentions for today but when I woke up I just really didn’t want to do any of them.  After about three weeks of being mostly alone and in your own thoughts, your brain starts veering towards those places you promised yourself to never go again.  SoKo will do that to you, I guess.

Around 2:30 I forced myself up and into the shower to get ready for my day and Charles was ever so grateful.  He hadn’t had the privilege of a potty break yet either. A Korean-American co-teacher, Celia, told me earlier this week that the Koreans teach their animals the potty-pad way of life. My dog does not know the potty pad way of life. He is all to familiar with the “find a place on the carpet while mom is sleeping” way of doing things, but to do it when I know about it?  Heavens no. Having spent a considerable amount of time in America, living from New York to California, Celia’s dog is not pee pad trained either. She gets several dirty remarks from Koreans because of her animal’s bad habit of using the restroom outside.  I, as a foreigner, get a free pass for bad manners.  And I wouldn’t know what they are saying anyway. But being the courteous little foreigner that I am, I am trying to get him to learn the pee-pad way. But this dog held it for a 25 hour trip from St Louis to Seoul. This is going to be a very difficult lesson to teach.

After a quick shower and starting the laundry, we headed to the park.  I try to go at least a few times every week, I think the culture and the fresh air are good for the both of us. With a book, camera, and laptop packed we were ready to go. Charles spent a few hours playing in the leaves and barking at the locals while I read, and wrote a little too.  It’s Autumn here now.  It’s been so long since I’ve experienced Fall that I forgot how much I loved it.  The crisp air and the sound of leaves crunching under each step.  I’ve missed this so much, everything is so beautiful this time of year. In Florida we don’t have Autumn. Sometime around February you just wake up one morning and all the leaves are on the ground, and brown. There’s not much fun in that.

We spent a few hours at the park… I’ll let my pictures tell the story…


“Please let me go scare someone!! please, mom!”


Yes, I took a picture of myself.  And I think I did a very nice job.

Ps. Cindy, this book is fantastic, so sweet and so sad!  Thank you for the recommendation.

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  1. Hi, Amy!

    Alexander says he misses you and Charlie and wishes we could come visit.

    I say, "Me too."

  2. Me three.

    We can have a Skype date after you get all settled in. Alexander can show us the new house. :)