Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I woke up Sunday with a To-Do list that was a mile long and my priorities firmly in order.  After spending Saturday up in the mountains with temples and monks, and being exactly one month to the day of my arrival in SoKo, it was my mission.    If nothing else got accomplished that day, I would still make sure that I found my happy place. And find it I did. 

And true to Amy form, nothing else got accomplished that day.

This post is for the fast food lovers of the world.  The rest of you will find this nauseatingly pathetic. 

As I’ve gotten older I’ve become much more of a foody than many people probably expected. After all, my chicken strip and macaroni and cheese fueled childhood really didn’t give me much hope. However, regardless of my recent profound love of almost all things food, the things that you crave are those that you know best and have spent the most quality time with.  It doesn’t mean it tastes the greatest or is the most exciting, it’s just familiar.  In this category falls my mother’s chicken and noodles, my father’s burritos and never too far from home - McDonalds.  When I crave familiarity, that is what I want.

The closest McDonald’s is about 7 blocks away and it was packed with Koreans.  It’s right behind Time World Galleria, which is the Mall of Millenia of Daejeon.  Only spectacularly better I suspect.  Sunday I walked there with my head held high. I was on my mission.  It was extra cold that day but I didn’t care. The weather is only going to get worse so I figured it was now, or Spring.  I vote now.

Charles and I split a Chicken nuggets, fries and a Coke. My stomach has shrunk dramatically since I’ve been here so Charles actually got most of it. My schedule is still upside down and I’m only eating about one meal a day.

My food and drink all came in a handy dandy little bag…
And they put your drinks in these little bags first.  So intelligent. Why don’t they do this in America.  If it spills then it’s confined and it won’t freeze your hand either.

Portions are smaller, as they should be.  The chicken nugget meal comes with six instead of ten. Charles and I each had three.  I got sweet and sour sauce. He prefers his plain.

All in all, it was fabulous. Exactly what I expected.  I probably won’t see it much again until Spring. It is close to a mile walk away so that takes serious dedication.

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