Thursday, October 7, 2010

The 3 C’s

Chinese food, a crappy hotel room, and cable.  I’m simply in heaven.

I’d be remiss to not acknowledge that my 7 year tenure in Orlando is ending almost exactly how it began-eating Chinese food somewhere in Georgia with everything I own packed up in my car and fiercely holding my breath until it’s time to make the next big step.  Last time it was only weeks after graduation and I was so anxious and excited to begin my career that I had been planning for so long…  This time it’s anxiety and excitement in unbelievable proportions as I prepare to adjust to life on the opposite side of the planet for a year. 

When I moved to Orlando I knew no one there. No family, no friends, not even where the closest Target was.  But I knew Disney and that was all that mattered.  It certainly wasn’t my first experience with the mouse but this one was real, permanent, professional.  I was able to wear my own clothes to work.  Holy cow.  No more awful combinations of polyester and neon colors.  That was huge. 

The last 7 years have brought me such great experiences, fantastic jobs, a most amazing wiener dog, and phenomenal friends.  I have no idea where I will land after Korea but Orlando will always have my heart.  When I moved here instantly it was home. I knew this was where I belonged.  This is where I found myself.  Who I thought I was…Who I wanted to be…And the reality that lay firmly seated between the two ideals.  It hasn’t ended quite how I planned but someone very smart once told me “the best way to make God laugh is to make a plan.”  So, it probably all worked out alright anyway.

The past few years (and months) in particular have brought very intense moments of self-actualization that are far too personal to post on such a public forum. However, I find it very important to state that I am grateful for every moment of it.  As much as I know that I am ready to leave Orlando, it has been a much more emotional experience than I ever anticipated. 

Between Disney and Aflac it has been an amazing experience.  One I wouldn’t trade for anything.   Far too many memories to list but they definitely will never be forgotten.

I’ll miss you Orlando.  It’s been a great seven years.

Oh, and I guess I have 4 C’s now…Charles, a most fabulous addition

I don’t expect most of you to watch this video but it’s my rocking out song at the moment so I had to add it  :)

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  1. I am searching too long for a good quote about how great this change will be! Have a safe drive home! And...I have some suggestions (well, really only one) for where you should land after Korea!