Friday, October 22, 2010

Korea is like College

The part of college I never really experienced.

We all went out for Korean BBQ after work last night, all 35 of us.  It was pretty fantastic. As with most other places, you kick your shoes off at the door then go find a seat on the floor.  Here are some pictures…  Everybody likes pictures.

Looks like bacon, tastes like grilled pork.  Then you wrap it up in a lettuce leaf, with soy sauce, onions, garlic, vegetables, whatever you want.  It’s yummy.
This is Andrea, the other foreign teacher. She is from South Africa and is absolutely lovely for so many reasons. She has been living in Daejeon for 4 years.  I adore her.

After BBQ we moved to a place called Sole (So-Le) and the eating and drinking continued.  Keep in mind by this point it’s about 1:30am. Here are more pictures of the food. It was FANTASTIC, even if it was the spiciest food I have ever had.
 Seafood soup. Look really close, top right.  Suction cups. A very petit octopus/squid thing.  Not a chance.
This was yummy!  More seafood, less soup.  I have no idea what it was called though.

Korean BBQ (11) These are some of the other teachers.
These are the nicest two ladies in the world.Korean BBQ (2)

Around 3:30 Andrea and I got back to our respective apartments and that is actually considered an early night by Korean standards.  I had a fantastic time though. 

There are some different rules with Korean drinking than American.  First off, no one laughs at me for sipping my shot glass of Soju.  Why? Because every sips from their shot glass.  Also you never, under any circumstance, let someone pour their own drink.  Never. Lastly, no one says goodbye when they leave. They just grab their purse, sneak out and the party continues untouched.

Koreans work incredibly hard.  Stereotypically, Asians as a whole are the hardest working people on the planet. That is not a stereotype, at least not here.  They work their tails off every single day, many of them regularly working 6-7 days a week, so then they party like rockstars ALL the time.  Work hard, play hard. It’s the Korean way.


  1. That looks like so much fun!

    I'm old now, though, so I would be lying on the floor sleeping.

  2. We are all 29-39ish. You would fit in perfectly Matthew. Even if you are old :)

  3. Amy, cute pic of you and the other foreigner, with whom I share a name. ;) I like your glasses. Your coworkers look like fun! Holy crap, 3:30 on a work night?! I'm impressed.

  4. Thanks, Andrea! 3:30 really isn't that bad given that my work day starts at 4pm. That definitely helps :)