Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Tale of the Tom’s

As you know each of my students have both a Korean and an English name.  I know them solely by their English names of course. Every day each class begins with a vocabulary test and I request they put both Korean and English names at the top of the paper.  I think this is a most basic request but yet it is met by fire every time I say it.  I don’t care. When it is time to pass the tests back to the students I am sincerely grateful for the English names so I make them do it anyway. They don't understand how much it helps me, but really it makes the process much quicker for everyone involved.  (Please note, the Korean name is not spelled out like Kim Soe Jung, it looks more like 접어들었, so yes, I think that’s a fair request.)

Today my 7th graders decided to play a trick on me.  I received the tests back and had 8 with the name Tom.  Coincidentally, I also have 8 little boys in my class.  That was cute.

It’s one of my more fun classes so all I could do was laugh.  I have to give them credit, they are the first class that had the guts to do it.

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