Thursday, October 21, 2010

Korean Food

I did it. All by myself.  I was walking Charlie tonight after work and there was a street vendor set up right outside.  That was the first time I’ve seen them so I took it as a sign.  On our way back from the park I stopped to see what they had.  We played a short game of miming and back and forth “spicy?” “not spicy” and the wife played with Charlie. Then I walked away with food. 
You can’t really tell in the picture but it’s essentially glass noodles, wrapped in seaweed and fried.  It has carrots and a few spices that I don’t recognize but overall I rate it as good. Like a very basic spring roll but in batter not the traditional rice paper.  I realize it’s very basic for my first Korean food experience, but in my defense, I didn’t know what anything they had was.  It was all fried so it pretty much all looked the same.

Oh, and by the way, they asked me if it was “to go”.  It’s a street vendor.  Is there another option I’m unaware of?

I’ve heard that street vendor food is huge here but this is one the first I’ve seen.  I look forward to my Korean BBQ experience tomorrow night.  I’ve heard it’s amazing.


  1. I am so proud of you.

  2. Thanks Matt! Are you helping your parents read my blog?!?

  3. ah!! that's kimbap wrapped in egg!! there are street vendors everywhere around me, one guy sells cornbread with egg inside, another lady (who calls me daughter now) has a green pancake thing with cinnamon sugar inside. when you get to itaewon or hongdae you'll be overwhelmed with the amazing street food

  4. I think I had the cornbread thing yesterday. One of my students brought it to class. It was like a yellow cake almost with the egg inside. Very strange.