Friday, October 29, 2010


hangmanAfter playing HangMan most of today I am completely certain of one thing - these children have never seen Wheel of Fortune.  R S T L N E - The most popular letters in the English language, yes? Ask any 10 year old Korean child and the first letters they come up with are U, H, W, and G.  I’ve never seen a game of HangMan take so long. By the end, the little hangman guy had eyes, ears, a mouth, fingers and toes.  It’s absolutely silly.

Last night Andrea and I went over to her friend’s apartment and had pizza (finally!) and listened to music on YouTube.  I forget how big a part of my life music really is until I have gone weeks without it.  I haven’t set up iTunes yet on this computer so I will probably do it this weekend.  I need music back in life. Sadly the only albums I put on my laptop before I left are Britney Spears and Eminem.  That says so much…

Andrea and I took the subway today to met another friend of hers and she made us lunch.  It was amazing Korean food.  So yummy.  I have always preferred my foods mild but the food here is sooooo good that it makes you want to eat it.  Burning lips, teary eyes, nose running…it’s all worth it. I should have taken a picture but I didn’t.  Sorry.

This however, was my dinner.  Apple soda and a Kit Kat ChunKy candy bar (the international recipe as it boasts on the package).  The apple soda here is awesome by the way.  I’ve been drinking apple soda for years and this puts everything I’ve had in the States to shame.  I think it has officially replaced Coke and Dr Pepper in my diet because it’s much more easily available here. Also since I can’t read the nutrition label then I get to say it’s better for me because it’s apple.
Thank goodness for Friday and Halloween is this weekend so I am looking forward to that.  Charles wanted to say hi to everyone…
He just didn’t want to get out of bed to do it. We will post a video tour of our new home shortly.


  1. Did you teach the kids that RSTLN E are the common ones?

    Thank you again for pictures!

  2. regarding the could always stream your favorite radio station on the internet? just a thought...

  3. Thank you for the input, anonymous. However, my favorite radio station, as well as pandora, a good deal of youtube videos and most music websites are blocked internationally. boo.

    Matt, I was too busy teaching them the words, that was hard enough!