Sunday, September 12, 2010

South Korea

South Korea, huh? I know, you’re baffled. That’s ok. I figured you would be.

I’ve spent the last few months talking with people that are currently teaching  or have taught in South Korea and decided this was something I had to do. I desperately want to be in a classroom again and the reality of it is that I just can’t do it here right now. The last few months I have spent selling everything that I own, getting transcripts, passport, and apostilling things (I didn’t know what that was either.) The hardest part, however, was the application video. Really that was the only hard part. I have to give my friend Matt the sincerest of thanks for helping with that. I don’t think it occurred to him when he offered his assistance that he was going to lose an entire day of his life helping me with this video. (7 hours to make 2 minutes worth of usable material - it was really awful!)

On Tuesday, September 7 I officially accepted a position in a very prominent language academy in Daejeon, South Korea. I will be working with both elementary and middle school students, teaching six classes per day.  There will be only one other native-English speaking teacher so it’s going to be a very cool experience. I’ve spoken with the principal a few times and I am very excited to be a part of this school. I will post more about this once I get there and settled in so I can post pictures as well.

Here I am for the next year - (bookmark it!) That was the hardest part. I lied earlier. I spent months, literally months, coming up with the right blog name. I have spent more time reading the dictionary and thesaurus than I care to admit but I think I’m finally sold on this one. Here’s why… (yes, this is important! )

Seoul       (pronounced Soul) - the capital of South Korea

Soul        A person’s essence- heart, humanity, emotion, affective, fire

Sole        The only one, solitary, individual

Then add:

Sister  -  One thing that I have been and will be my entire life is a sister. I love my sisters. It also means female counterpart and protector. I'm that too.

I’ve been told there is a seoulsister porn site as well but I assure you I have nothing to do with that.

As it stands right now, I leave Orlando on October 6th to spend a week in St Louis with the family.  On October 14, I fly out of StL to begin my new journey.  I apologize now because I’m not the most entertaining writer but I promise I will try to keep it interesting and updated as best I can. I have no idea where I will land after these twelve months but time will help figure that out. In the meantime I hope you all follow me on my quest to beat the status quo, to find my happy again (to be elaborated on later), and to find new meaning for life. I think there is, or at least should be, so much more to life than what most of us are living. There is so much more to do and to experience, yet we accept the mediocrity of it all. I’m tired of accepting that. I want more.

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  1. Hi, I've just been reading some of your pages. A great read. I am heading to Sth Korea mid Feb and trying to get a feel for it. I'm guessing we have both had Lindsay help us find out position.
    Thanks for your writings and some insight on living life in Sth Korea. I'm heading to Ilsan.

  2. Thank you :) Feel free to drop me a line when you get settled in or if you have any questions while packing.