Friday, September 10, 2010

Lessons Learned 2009

This is the same posting from January 2009 on Facebook. I’ll have a new one for 2010…. don’t you worry.  This has nothing to do with Korea, except possibly a window into  why I am going.

Inarguably 2009 was a pretty awful year all around the globe. Here is what it has taught me. Some from my own personal experience, some from my beautiful and spectacular girlfriends, some from movies, and some from simply observing life. Many of these were inspired by multiple people or events. It’s in no specific order, but fortunately and unfortunately, there’s a lot. It was a very educational year…

Timing really is everything. Fate does exist. Karma will kick you in the shins repeatedly.

I am not a salesperson.

I am also to A.D.D to sit at a desk all day.

Income stability and emotional stability go hand in hand.

I’m not a mom, but for all intents and purposes I have been for the last year…. And I’m a really good mom.

I desperately want to carry around an oversized “wack-a-mole” mallet that says “Get a Clue” and wack people at my leisure.

I was born to teach. One day the state of Florida might agree with me.

I should get a tattoo across my forehead that says “I know more than you think I know”. It really applies to most situations.

Being an adult is expensive.

When it comes to a relationship, age holds little bearing. A twenty-five year old can act forty, and a forty year old can act thirteen.

Unless surrounded by great friends, always be a lady.

“Be the person your dog thinks you are.” If you knew my dog, you might not think that was such a great idea.

With boys you have to listen to what they aren’t saying, not what they are.

Girls don’t listen to either.

When you are really low, friends will come out from everywhere to protect and help you. Let them.

One lapse in judgment can very quickly spiral into twenty lapses in judgment.

Boys can be heartless.

Girls can be worse.

Like mother, like daughter.

People who have been torn down and humiliated, will continue to make the same mistakes over and over. They are so used to being unhappy, that it just becomes the expectation.

I am very alpha female, for better or worse.

If he wants to see you again, he’ll call you. With all the technology we have now, it’s virtually impossible to lose a phone number.

There is no such thing as a normal relationship. As long as you are genuinely happy, don’t let anyone convince you that it’s wrong.

Sometimes a well kept secret can be the greatest thing you have ever experienced.

A true friend will be there in your darkest hour.

I miss my parents, desperately.

Homesickness does exist.

One day you can wake up and realize that you have never been the person that you always thought you were.

If you still have a job, be grateful everyday.

My wiener dog is, without a doubt, the best thing I have ever done.

My fabulous, though tiny, studio apartment might just be the second best.

Maybe I like routine after all.

A true friend is someone you can laugh with, cry to, and yell at, always knowing at the end of each day that your friendship has only gotten stronger because of it.

You can’t fix stupid, but you can drive yourself crazy trying.

Birds of a feather…

To my family I will always be 12 years old, outspoken, and in sweatpants. I can‘t change that.

Codependency is not all that bad after all.

Ladies, listen to your intuition. It has it’s reputation for a reason. Sometimes it’s insecurity talking. Often it’s your gut telling you what you don‘t want to see. Mostly it‘s both.

Netflix is a gift straight from God.

I wish I could still dance.

When you have lived away from home for ten years and your mom tells you (for the first time ever) that maybe it’s time to move back…You’ve royally screwed up something.

When someone tells you they don’t want to be with you anymore, say ok, and walk away with dignity and grace. You should never have to convince someone of why they should stay with you.

I probably eat too much pizza.

Never trust your boyfriend’s best friend. Their loyalty is to their friend, not you.

Never travel through the airport without rolling luggage. It’s exhausting.

Just because he talks with you about his future, that in no way implies that he thinks you will part of it.

Girls can imagine an entire relationship in their head.

So can boys.

I love my sisters. I wish we knew the adult versions of each other better.

Brickbreaker is great for beating the blues.

There will always be women who will chose financial stability over their own happiness.

One day, I will make a really cool step mom.

Siblings will always fight over who gets to sit in the front seat.

Never let anyone point out all of your flaws. If they don’t understand you, find someone who does.

When a girl *thinks* her boyfriend is cheating, she always gets mad at the other girl. Whether real or imagined disloyalty, it still takes two.

Ignorance is bliss….sometimes.

In college I should have slept less and gone to class more.

If I don’t like you, there is probably good reason.

If Britney Spears can make a comeback, so can I.

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