Friday, June 22, 2012

To Do List–Take 3

I am slightly over my halfway mark in my three year Korea plan so I figured it was time to sit down and reassess what I have done and, more importantly, what I have not done.  Let’s start with the check marks that are already officially in place.

Have done’s (in no particular order)

Shark Diving at the Busan Aquarium

Daegu Herb Hillz zipline obstacle courses  (We just went again a few weeks ago.  Still waiting for pics to post new blog.)

Climb Mountain(s)

Make new friends

Have a soju night (One was enough to last me all three years. And I prefer to not link this one. Sorry.)

Find a variety of kimchi that I don’t dislike.  - White kimchi has grown on me.  It’s actually nice if you grill it with your meat.

Explore and experience a new world of food (There are dozens of blogs about food on here.  Food is my friend.)

Paragliding (Still awaiting pics and video for blog.)

My first (and second) 10K

Jindo Island

Learn an acceptable (but tiny) bit of Korean (나는 한국말 읽을 수는 있지만, 내가 잘 그것을 말할 수 없으니까.)

Volunteer at the animal shelter

DMZ tour – Amazing! Part 1 & Part 2

Temple Stay – still never wrote a blog on that

Dr Fish – that reminds me, I need to make another trip there soon

Cherry Blossom festival…Multiple Spring/Summer festivals

Hiked up and down a mountain barefoot

Tour of Changdeoukgung Palace in Seoul

Namsan Tower

Sweet potato pizza

Learn a K-pop song (Miss A, Touch)

Everland Amusement Park (Never wrote a blog about it. Sorry.  It was pretty awesome though.)

Pepero Day! 

Korean baseball game  (Hanwha Eagle-suh!)

Hangover soup

“Club Family Mart”

Corn Ice Cream, and a plethora of other silly flavors

Yuseong Hot Spring

Traditional Korean pottery class  (and failed miserably.  the instructor had to remake my vase. That blog is still in progress.)

Cat Cafe

Eaten silk warm larvae  (barf)


Eric Clapton in Korea

Bargained with a street vendor




Want to do’s

Kpop concert

63 Building in Seoul and the Blue House (America = White House, Korea = Blue House)

Continue to explore and experience a new world of food

Visit at least one other country in Asia while I’m here

See more of Busan than just the Aquarium

Weekend in Jeju (September 8 &9)

Visit a green tea farm (which is part of the Jeju trip in September)

Ride horses on the beach (Jeju – see above)

Visit the War Memorial in Seoul

Take a Korean cooking class (Cupcake classes don’t count)

Photo shoot in Hanbok

Street Food Tour

Cheer on a Korean soccer game

Attend a Korean wedding

Dog café

Han River boat tour

Home Stay

Love Motel

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  1. I would say you are well on your way to accomplishing your goals. You have had some amazing experiences! Go Amy!