Thursday, June 21, 2012

Daecheon Dam 10K & Team AH-mazing

I completed my first 10K a few weeks ago. Like, my first 10K ever. I believe the last race that I partook in was a one mile race around Capaha Park when I was…hmmm, 7 years old?  And I’m fairly certain that I came in last for that one.  I’m still not completely certain why I decided to do this one but I did do it.  And that’s pretty awesome, I think. 


My trainer, Becki, and I beforehand. She ran the 20K and she came in 2nd in her group!  Yay Becki!    (Spoiler Alert: I did not come in second in my group.)

The race took place at Daecheon Dam with is in northeast Daejeon.  Because of the events of the day I really didn’t get to take in much of my surroundings.  I’m told it’s a beautiful area though. 



The troops getting in gear.  Some of us did 5Ks, others did 10K. Only Becki did the 20K. But we all got matching shirts.


Prior to the race everything was so exciting.  The music, the crowd, the adrenaline in the air.  It was awesome. Then the race started….  I was immediately reminded why I haven’t done this for the last 30 years.  I don’t enjoy it.  Music makes it better but this is just not my thing. And that’s okay because I still did it.  And I’m doing another one in two days from now.  And probably yet another one in October.  Why?  I have no idea. I figure that because I don’t have a good argument not to do it (and contrary to my initial belief it did not kill me), then I may as well keep doing it.


I came in just shy above my goal time.  I’m okay with that being that it was my first race ever.  (Have I mentioned that yet?)  I’ll make it up in this weekend’s race, I think.  I’m confident (ish) in that.

I would also like to write a brief list of the people that deserve a giant thank you for getting me through this.  First and foremost, Becki.  She rocks.  Also a big thank you to everyone else, listed in no particular order.

Lee Ann for being a rockin’ walk/run buddy.

Everyone else that came that day for their first race ever, too.

My sister Tina for support from far away.  You’ve tried for years to get me interested in any form of exercise.  Sorry it took so long.

The police man at the 9.5K (ish) mark that high-fived me and yelled “Fighting!” with a giant grin.  You, sir, are awesome.

The banana and power aid ladies. And the bands playing along the side of the trail.  Even though most the time I passed you you weren’t playing music at all.

The camera crews lined up along the final kilometer thereby forcing me to start running again. I am not your fan but you did help my time. So for that, thank you.

The high school boys that ran with me for a bit.  Your English teachers would be proud.

Everyone that chanted “Fighting!” along the sidelines.  You made me laugh. Thanks!

And all my favorite people that cheered me on along the way:

Linkin Park.  And their not so distant relative Fort Minor.


Britney Spears.

Katy Perry.


Kelly Clarkson.

Hoobastank.  Even though no one else listens to you anymore, I still do.  I’m loyal.  It’s my greatest downfall.



M.C.Hammer. Can’t Touch This!

Fall Out Boy.

Rick Astley. Never gonna give you up!

Simple Plan. 

Kanye West.



AND now my Korea medal total is at 2!  I should start an award shelf.  Not really.


  1. In less than 48 hours your medals will total 3. I still listen to Hooba. that says more about me than I care to discuss. You, my freind, are a project in the making. FYI - 21.09km and AH-mazing.

  2. PS. you are a great student.